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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNarcephine L McLusky
SpeciesAnthro Carcharodontosaurus Kaiju
HeightVaries. 10ft min, current max 26,400ft

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourScales are greyish green, with patches of sandy areas on her chest and behind her ears.
Hair ColourRed
Eye ColourHas central heterochromia which means her eyes are different colours. The outer iris is blue, the inner iris is red
ClothingTypically t-shirts and jeans. Sometimes hiking boots or sneakers but more often than not her feet are bare.
WeaponryTeeth, claws, breath and sheer physical strength.
Special AbilitiesInheriting a small handful of traits typical of a Kaiju Narcephine has the ability to emit an intense blast of heat and/or sound at will from her maw, when at her smallest size she can use the heat of her breath to light candles, cigarettes and the like. She can also shatter glass up to fifteen meters away and deafen the average person if they are close enough, when she is at larger sizes however both of her breath abilities become devastating weapons. The blast of heat becomes capable of searing flesh from bone in milliseconds and the sonic scream is powerful enough to shatter concrete. She has never used either ability at her full size, but it is speculated that the full force of either ability would be devastating on a continental scale. Both abilities have a cone shaped area of effect from her mouth when in use, although her sonic ability also has a more radial effect. Anyone observing her heat breath ability from outside of its effective area would see little more than the air shimmering accompanied by tremendous roaring, similar in sound to that of a jet engine reheating its engines. Those unfortunate enough to have a more direct view would see the inside of Narcephines mouth burst into blue flame just before they were reduced to a smouldering cinder. The side effect of her heat breath ability is that the inside of her mouth is constantly at an elevated temperature and by the simple act of exhaling she is capable of raising the temperature around her, anything that gets into close proximity of her lips faces the danger of being singed. Following several years of practise however she has perfected the ability to control just how hot the inside of her mouth is, though it will always be much warmer than average. Her skin is pretty much impervious to all kinds of small calibre gunfire when she is at her regular size of eight feet. Standard police issue weapons or small arms have no effect on her and though she can feel the impacts, bullets from such weapons tend to just squash against her scales. As she grows larger her immunities start to encompass larger calibres, explosives, rocket artillery and such. Her vast weight for her size comes from the fact that her body has a much higher density than a normal individual which is both a blessing and a curse. Her tightly packed musculature and heavy skeleton grants her incredible strength and physical endurance at her base height, which naturally increases as she grows larger. The physical downsides of her frame mean that she is incapable of sprinting or running, she can maintain a jog for a short period of time. She is incapable of swimming and cannot stay afloat in water, the threat of drowning gives her quite an irrational fear of anything deeper than a bath tub. As well as this most vehicles are incapable of carrying her weight with the exception of the heavy duty busses that run throughout the city. Her body density also makes her seem quite sluggish in comparison to the average person.
Outstanding FeaturesThick accent, loud and outspoken personality.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTo those people that she can regard as friends Narcephine appears to be a very easy going and laid back individual who could be mistaken as being excessively lazy, though that is usually because she is never in any rush to do anything that requires much effort on her part. Despite this she is somewhat of a trouble maker at heart with a twisted sense of humour that occasionally touches on the morbid or sadistic side. She is often mischievous especially when she is bored and is not above playing practical jokes on unsuspecting victims or friends. While she generally maintains a carefree and adventurous exterior she does in actual fact have a rather vicious and very volatile temper and though this is usually masked well by an air of indifference, when something starts to agitate her she has a tendency to chew her bottom lip or twitch the tip of her tail. She strongly dislikes work but views it as a necessary evil, realising that without a steady source of income she wouldn’t be able to put a roof over her head or buy the things she likes, namely booze, junk foods (especially pizza) and games. She is regarded by those who call her friend as somewhat of a messy slob, sleeping in late whenever she can and often in whatever clothing she happens to be wearing at the time. Finding Narcephine snoozing either in bed or on the couch and trying to wake her up before 11AM is nigh impossible, though she does for the most part just about manage to wake up in time for work. Being the only Kaiju in her home city Narcephine has been subjected to a heavily persecuted environment, though this singling out started out based solely on her unusual appearance it has over time been influenced by her attitude. Her temperament towards the general public has over the years taken a turn for the worst due to the constant harassment she received. As of now she is considered to be rude, abusive, and confrontational. In a small handful of instances Narcephine has also been quite the bully, using her size and her not inconsiderable strength to her advantage. Because of her difficulty in fitting in with the general public she tends to seclude herself and for the most part she stays at home, with her free time mostly constituting of the watching of horror movies, gaming, sleeping and drinking.
LikesPizza, Exceptionally strong drink, Horror movies, video games.
DislikesCocky people, meek or shy people, arrogant people
OccupationMail room assistant, pit fighter.

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