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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWaru
SpeciesArctic Fox
Weight200 lbs
SummaryWaru was a feral fox for nearly his whole life, until arriving at a certain place with magics in the air, at which time he suddenly had the ability to shift into an anthro form. His life mostly consisted of hunting, prior to his arrival at this place, and is defined very strongly by this.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur is pure white, with small black accents. Paws : Black paws, with an almost boot-like pattern to the coloration. Ears : Eartips are black, not quite carrying on to the whole of the ears. Tail - Tailtip is black.
Hair ColourOnly bit of 'hair' per say, is a thin strip of five inch long white fur, running from his forehead, to a place right behind/below his shoulder blades.
Eye ColourPale Blue
ClothingNekkid when in his feral form. Wears only a pair of slim, unmarked black jeans in his anthro form.
Special AbilitiesForm shifting - Has the ability to switch between an anthro form, and a feral form at will, with no energy expense. Able to use small magics, with a few variations. Mimicry - Can mimic a person's size, and/or appearance as long as he can see them. Illusions - Has the ability to project three copies of himself, with the potential to learn more complicated things as time goes on. Camouflage - When concentrating, able to blend almost completely with his environment. Movement may give away his presence.
Outstanding FeaturesTail is a bit over seven feet in length. Small amount of kitsune blood in his heritage, which allows for his magical ability, despite him only having one tail. When casting complicated magic, his 'phantom tails' will appear, taking on a fluorescent pink glow. Each tail represents a cycle of rebirth for him, and each successive tail will unlock upon absorbing a certain amount of magic. Smaller magics will only cause his eye color to change from pale blue, to fluorescent pink.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWaru is generally a cheerful individual, with simple tastes. He's quite happy in most company, and will rarely take anything as more than a game. Occasionally, he's been known to get carried away while playing 'hunt' with a friend, but he's quite fond of the term 'mostly harmless'. When threatened with weaponry, however, Waru responds rather poorly, going so far as to attack if he feels threatened enough. Even the presence of a weapon on someone he doesn't trust will make him uneasy, though he'll do his best not to show it.
BackgroundWaru comes from a clan of Arctic Foxes, numbering in the hundreds, all apart of the same genetic line. All members of the family grow extremely large, easily outsizing the largest feral wolves and breeds of dog. Some are capable of conjuring brief illusions using magic, though the talent isn't widespread. All are as intelligent as humans, despite being quadrupeds, communicating primarily in English, though some family members are multi-lingual. His family has a long and proud history of hunting for their sustenance, and is purely carnivorous because of this. They believe that survival should be 'earned', and strive to find the toughest prey possible in order to test their right to survive as much as they can. Smaller, easier prey such as rodents are only resorted to when there is no other option, and under no circumstances is one to hunt a baby, or a child unable to defend itself. All adult foxes share the responsibility of educating each litter of kits, and when a kit takes a liking to a certain teacher, that teacher adopts said kit, and it becomes a part of the teacher's family. Upon reaching ten years of age, a kit is expected to leave, and live on it's own away from the family for an entire year. In this way, each gets it's chance to earn it's right to survive, and the family limits it's numbers. Family members are known to live well past two hundred years of age, the current elder being 389 years old.
LikesHunting, being playful, good company, philosophy.
DislikesWeapons of any kind, shallow natures, those who don't stop to think.
LocationWherever his paws take him!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWat.