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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFate
WeightWeighs next to nothing.
SummaryFate is a silly creature, belonging to a species known only as Fates. She insists that others exist, despite not having met any herself, or having any sort of proof. Fates don't seem to make much sense, and are all apparently named Fate.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAppears as a glowing ball of light, around six inches in diameter. When fully manifested, Fate appears as a six inch tall humanoid female, with white angelic wings, a thin tail as long as she is tall covered in the same white feathers, and pale skin. Her body type isn't exceptional by any standards, seeming mostly to be rather thin, and not particularly busty. Petite!
Hair ColourBlonde, and wavy, falling in unruly, unkempt curls down past her shoulders.
Eye ColourVibrant purple.
ClothingDoesn't quite understand the concept of clothing. When clothing is required for polite company, she'll wear a set of skintight white pants, and a white bikini top, so as not to interfere with her wings. She typically prefers to be barefoot.
AccessoriesA pair of thin, gold bracelets, with matching anklets.
WeaponryFate doesn't believe she has a need for weapons, and is usually right!
Special AbilitiesUndefined. According to her, Fate has always been, and always will be. She possesses a huge amount of chaotic power, but seems relatively unaware of it, or how to access it, her power only manifesting itself in situations where she believes herself to be in danger. Her powers revolve around the principles of probability. She increases or decreases the probability of things happening, such as a bullet hitting it's target, or missing entirely. Using this power, she can alter the past, present, and future. However, she tends to prefer using it for silly things, like increasing the probability a giant pink elephant will fall from the sky and start doing jumping jacks by one hundred percent.
Outstanding FeaturesTendency to not quite understand why things have different names, due to all Fates being named Fate. She also seems to be rather confused on the subject of genders, despite hers being clearly defined.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFate is generally playful, and utterly clueless. She possesses extreme capacity for intelligence, but has had so little contact with the world, that she knows virtually nothing. She enjoys games, and doesn't always understand why some people don't like the results. Fate doesn't like talking about death, or being sad. She considers those things to be silly, and doesn't understand them anyway. Fate is happiest when she's around happy people!
BackgroundAlmost completely undefined. According to Fate, she's always been around, and always will be. She has apparently seen an incredible amount, but usually doesn't care enough to remember most of it.
LikesMost everything! But mostly games. Fate LOVES games, whether she wins or loses.
DislikesBeing sad, talking about things she doesn't understand.
LocationEverywhere. 0.0
OccupationFate is...a Fate. What that means entirely, is to be decided.
Additional InfoFate communicates through flashes of light in her ball of light form, or telepathy in both her ball of light and humanoid forms. She often times reads minds by accident, not entirely understanding why people don't like that. She's technically capable of learning a spoken language, but has never tried, and might consider it too boring for her.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFate is named Fate, because all Fates are called Fate! Fates make sense!