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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSkahiónhati
SpeciesEurasian wolf (Canis lupus lupus)
SummaryA mage/thief wolf from the northern mountain range of Brazhé, in Wolven country.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSee picture!
Eye ColourPale yellow
ClothingShe wears a necklace lined with tiger teeth. Dark blue shirt lined with sable rabbit fur on the sleeves with a dark grey short-sleeved coat over top with many designs of the sun and stars sewn into it, the hood lined with the same rabbit fur. Inside the coat, there are many pockets sewn into it. It is loose-fitting. She wears dark red shorts from which the front end of a breechcloth hangs down at the hem. The leg-opening of the shorts are, again, lined with sable rabbit fur. The breechcloth is tan -- deerskin -- and has quillwork of a howling wolf and the sun designed into it.
AccessoriesNecklace lined with tiger teeth.
WeaponryA crossbow and a steel dagger.
Special AbilitiesMagical Spells: Blink, Rope Trick, Whispering Wind, Flame Arrow, Flaming Paws

Personality & Background

PersonalityWarm and friendly to her friends and family, or packmates as she calls them. To strangers she is a bit more reserved and impatient. She has a quick temper and a tendency to become flustered very easily. However, she is humble and welcoming to nonthreatening creatures.
BackgroundFrom a small northern village known as Baltsök.
LikesTraditional and cultural foods and crafts, snow, swimming (in the summer), her packmates, plants, and a variety of animals.
DislikesThe tigers and other northern cats*
LocationBaltsök, Wolven
OccupationTraditional healer and thief
Additional InfoFrom the White Pine clan. *These cats encroach onto Wolven territory for logging purposes, destroying much of the forest. While prejudiced, she realizes not all cats are the same.