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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCairne
SpeciesArctic Fox/Kitsune
Weight255 lbs
SummaryCairne was a feral fox for eighty years of his life, until he interacted with a strange magical creature, known only as Fate - who for some reason thought he was broken, and needed to be fixed. He then developed the ability to switch between his feral form, and an anthro one. His life mostly consisted of hunting, prior to this change, and he's defined very strongly by this.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur is pure white, with no accents whatsoever. It also seems to be slightly less shaggy than his brother Waru's, adopting more of a sleek appearance - with the exception of his hair.
Hair ColourCairne has a relatively shaggy hairdo, starting as a mussed patch of medium length white hair on the top of his head, and running down between his shoulder blades, similar to how a mane would act.
Eye ColourExtremely dark, midnight blue. Close to black, if one isn't paying close attention.
ClothingLike his brother, he appears to be uncomfortable wearing too much clothing due to them being used to an arctic climate. He typically wears a pair of slim blue jeans(modified for his tails), which shift away upon his feral transformations. On the occasion he believes being half-naked might offend, he consents to wear a black, form-fitting tank top, so as to still leave as much of his body exposed as he can manage.
AccessoriesTwo gold hoops pierced through the outside of his left ear, that he appears to be quite protective of.
WeaponryCairne's blade is forged a special way, to account for it's size and durability. It's exactly eight feet long, two feet from edge to edge, and eight inches thick - weighing approximately 150 lbs. Upon completion, it was quenched in the blood of an ancient vampire, and a promise was carved into it's blade. "I will search until you cease." The blade now /will not/ break under any circumstances, while Cairne is alive.
Special AbilitiesDue to not having been exposed to the same level of magics as his brother, Cairne only manifested a talent for mimicry - able to imitate the exact size, appearance, or voice with exacting detail. Though he does lack a certain clever touch that Waru possesses, and doesn't appear to be able to use this ability to it's full extent. Also unlike his brother, he doesn't appear to be able to copy another person's spells, or learn how to perform complicated tasks simply by watching them once. Has the Japanese runes for life and health carved into his shoulder blades, increasing his physical strength and endurance by inhuman quantities, though he'll try to hide it if at all possible.
Outstanding FeaturesCairne is a decidedly large fox. Despite being wiry - as is fitting for one who lived so long in the wild, and still hunts in that manner, he still cuts a physically imposing feature, having had a much longer lifespan than his brother so far, and therefore much more time to build up muscle. That being said - he's still much, much stronger than he looks. His most outstanding feature, or features rather - would be the fact that he has three tails - each nearly seven feet long. Originating from the small amount of kitsune blood in his heritage, and having manifested the day he came in contact with Fate, these tails are what allow him to perform his mimicry.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCairne seems to lean towards a jaded disposition - as if the world is constantly disappointing him, and it never comes as a surprise. He seems easygoing, not quick to take offense, and likes to take things slow. That being said, he does appear to have a sense of humor, even if it is mostly a sarcastic and mocking one. He's an excellent actor, being a mimic by trade. He picks up quite well on situations, and adapts terrifyingly fast. Behind his friendly exterior is a cold, calculating predator. While he assesses the situation, and searches for potential weaknesses, he may be charming, playful, friendly...but always watching. Passive/aggressive responses, and relative unpredictability may be the only hints of this. In a fight, Cairne is absolutely brutal...but if he doesn't consider it a hunt, he often times won't end with a kill - being more the type to spit on his downed enemy, and taunt them before he leaves.
Background(http://furbase.bigfurs.com/display.php?id=4628 General background information) Cairne left his family thirteen years past (thirty-seven years after Waru had left on his journey), in order to seek out his long lost brother Waru, who had left on a journey to seek more challenging prey. He encountered Fate minutes into his journey, and gained his anthro form and extra tails through that. Less than a year later, he inadvertently saved the life of a Japanese master of the sword while in a blood frenzy, and the man offered his services as Cairne's teacher, in return for his life. For the next ten years, Cairne learned the art of swordplay - most notably the use of a Zanbato, and was branded with two Japanese runes - one signifying life, and one strength - on each shoulder blade that greatly increased his physical strength and endurance, allowing him to wield the massive blade with relative ease, and take a suitable amount of punishment before his skin is punctured. Travelling on after that, he reached the Americas - and finally began to interact with the rest of society, if only a little bit. The world was different than he remembered, and the food shortages hardly affected him, as he only eats what he hunts. However, after two years observing society and sticking to the shadows, he finally decided to bring his brand of hunting to New York City, finding work as a hunter for an ill-reputed company, bringing in meat to assist with the food shortages, no questions asked.
LikesWinning, warriors, being right, hunting, making fun of people. He also tends to build a grudging respect to those willing to stand up to him - though whether he chooses to allow the affront to stand, or attempt to beat the offender into the ground, entirely depends on him.
DislikesBeing outwitted, being rushed, losing.
LocationNew York City
OccupationHunter - works for an ill-reputed company to held with the food shortage, gathering meat for them no questions asked. Occasionally fights a cage match on the side, and bets on himself. He almost always wins.