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Art by RushEloc

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFixiye
SpeciesSpotted Hyena
HeightBase (1,65 meters), Most often however (A bit under 2 centimeters)
WeightVaries (Usually about 8 grams)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCreme-coloured fur with a lighter belly and dark brown spots all over his body. His lower arms and legs and the tip of his short tail are also brown in the same shade as his spots. His tough leathery pawpads are a dusty greyish black and are remarkably bare of fur inbetween the toes.
Hair ColourA dusty black mane that recedes as it travels down his back. The further down it goes the more it turns into a dark brown.
Eye ColourA warm orange
ClothingWhen full-sized his clothing varies, at smaller sizes however he favors a tough leather jerkin with breeches of the same material. He also has a pair of gloves and footwrappings with a very special function.
AccessoriesFixiye has a variety of accessoires that help him traverse a large world. First and foremost a rope he keeps rolled up on his belt along with an iron hook made so that the rope can be easily fastened to it. Additionally Fixiye has made himself a pair of gauntlets and footwraps using the bristles of insects. These aren't completely reliable so he will barely climb using only these.
WeaponryA shortbow and a quiver of arrows. Most of them are self-made. A little piece of metal roughly made into a long dagger.
Special AbilitiesFixiye himself lacks special abilities, however due to a witch's curse he always reverts back to a tiny size of around 2 centimeters. He has managed to get himself some potions to reverse the curse temporarily, but has yet to find a true sollution.
Outstanding FeaturesA little scar on his muzzle

Personality & Background

PersonalityOptimistic despite his situation he is very much a go-getter. Despite his small size he is brave enough to travel and explore, even though he's not foolhardy and tries to remain careful. He often cracks jokes that vary in their quality and mostly serve to lighten the mood for himself.
OccupationRanger / Outdoorsman