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Vital Statistics!

Character NameElle Maremoto
Weight3100 Tons
SummaryElle Maremoto is your friendly neighborhood Otter ..who may or may not hover above you more than half the time but she promises to play nice so long as you do the same. She’s as playful as any other otter of her kind and her increase in height does little to quell this behavior often result in many stories Elle and her friends could share into their rip old ages. Upon approach (or from afar if she’s big enough) you’ll quickly notice her brown coat with creamy colored fur and her rather long tail, speaking of which she’s made it a thing to use her tail as she would any other limb quickly making it a parlor trick to show off among friends or to make her job lifting freight in the ship yard much faster often earning a bigger pay as a result.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour Brown fur with a lighter creamy brown on her belly and under side.
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDark Blue
ClothingJacket with either a one piece swimsuit

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe’s big, she’s strong, but she is friendly when she isn’t teasing you about your car being like your old hot wheels models, her overall demeanor Is cheerful though to closer friends she can be a bit rough if left to her own devices for to long. She does however make sure her friends are safe and have fun along with her when she plays mostly going for the teasing domineering aspect.
BackgroundThe Interview Stepping into the warehouse for the interview Elle makes her way to the amply cleared space with a rather new looking small desk that had been procured for the interviewer, her guess is that the upper management couldn’t find anyone her size to do this so they went with the next best thing. Sitting down with a rather loud thud that shakes the inventory nearby in the storage area she folds her legs together Indian style long tail before waiting patiently, though to be fair she only agreed to this for a bit of extra pay day. Bill Omard enters the warehouse, a rather short fellow even after you compared him to Elle. A white rabbit coming up to about 5’7” and slightly pudgy he looked a bit worn out probably from the overbearing sun outside …or the fact that he chose to wear a full black suit despite the fact that they’d warned him that this warehouse was the only one that could fit Elle and it was the only one without full scale AC. He makes his way over to the desk his first look at his client being one of brief shock that only confirmed what he had read in his report but to see it in front of him was an entirely new experience. Clearing his throat he speaks in a slightly louder than usual volume, “Good afternoon Ms. Maremoto! I trust you’re ready to begin the interview then? I promise to make it as quick and through as possible so we can get out of this hotbox!” Elle greets the rabbit with a wave of her hand now dusty from the cement floor giving a minor toothy grin when he freezes ‘always funny when they lock up’ a thought running through her head before responding to his question, “Yup I’m ready to go whenever you are Bill! And you can call me Elle, Ms. Maremoto is my mother’s name! So where do we need to start off? Height, weight, blood type? Maybe any government experiments that’ve been performed on me with all the fancy needles? You name it and I can spill the beans!” she finishes her statement with a light wag of her tail the appendage itself long enough for her to reach near some of the nearby crates. “Ah…well we actually have most of those things Elle..” he adjusts his glasses before sitting down at the desk clicking a button on the recorder nearby and clearing his throat, “Today I’m here to find out more about YOU and how you found your way to us, after all its not every day a supervisor comes out for inspection and sees someone your size moving freight containers like Jenga blocks.” He lightly coughs after his last statement, “Ah excuse me, it’s the weather here by the shore; I’m not used to it at all.” Elle sits more upright slightly shifting in her current position ending up on the left side of the desk a small cloud of dust kicking up from under her legs and rear. She cups her palm in a chin kneeing over closer to the desk, her own body heat and scent overwhelming the smaller rabbit for a moment mostly pelting him with a combination of the sea salt and whatever body wash she managed, “Sure thing Bill that seems easy enough to me! Lets’ see here…” She sits up a bit in a thinking position tail lazily curled behind her, “Well I came from Silverport you know that city about 5 miles north from here? That’s my little corner of the world as it may be though to be fair when I was younger it looked a LOT bigger than it does now! Strange how things change when you grow older eh? I was born on July 11th at…well normal size compared to what I am now.” She takes a moment to empathize arms stretching out to the side clearly more than capable of crashing through the room if she had decided to lift them vertically. “I was like any other kid, you know running around going to school that kind of stuff to be honest I used to love the winter months for the sledding! Silverport has the best hills for that!” she stops and grins for a moment clearly amused by the thought tail wagging happily behind her. “Though when I hit 15 I had my first …err growth spurt which my family thought was normal, my dad was pretty tall himself so I figured I got it from him. Little did we know though that would be the first of MANY growth spurts I would have and we had to make a few adjustments to plan for my size.” Bill sits in his desk a slight drip of sweat rolling down the side of his cheek a bit nervous when Elle began shuffling around so close to the desk without warning. He listens with curiosity a pen scribbling down a few notes of some of the things she mentioned, looking up he takes advantage of the short pause, “I see I believe the next part involves the macro agency becoming involved? Please do tell me how that went if you will.” She nods sitting up rolling her shoulders the heat building up around Bill dispersing as she gives him more breathing room taking a deep breath which sends a small gust through the rafters, “Ah yea them! I nearly forgot! Well to start with I was pretty freaked about possibly becoming a macro you know with all the rumors of being taken away from my folks or forced into some lab to be experimented on like some of the others. Speaking of which when I found out there were other macros I was surprised to say the least, though I think I’ve only seen maybe… 2 or 3 that were as big as me? Its been awhile since then..” She lightly clicks her teeth making a loud popping noise as she muses. She shifts again her leg now nearly asleep becoming a bit of an annoyance, the brown wall of muscle would slide across the ground kicking up more dust blowing it around with the movement before she brings it up vertically webbed foot now on full display. She wraps her arms around the limb kneeling against it while idly tapping her toes against the floor making a semi loud padding sound for Bill to endure. “Those were nice folk I met; in fact if I wasn’t already as big as they were it would’ve been no different from my own neighborhood! But before I start rambling, the guys who brought me there told me I had to make a decision I could start living there and going to school, find work, live the ‘normal life I always had’ as they so subtly put it. If I didn’t stay there they were fine with that as well but they would have to a few adjustments to my house back then to accommodate me more or less adding a mansion sized expansion to the back of our house after moving us to the edge of the neighborhood. My parents certainly loved it and since they were happy with I was cool with it to!” She sighs a bit the supposed ‘traumatic experience’ being nothing more than a move for her. Down below Bill was busy scribbling away at his note pad, he looks up once more eyes staring at her footpaw for a moment before a toe wave snaps him back to attention. “You err doing alright down there Bill? I know you said you were hot but you look like you’re about to pass out.” Elle looks down with concern using a hand to give a bit of blowing air in Bills direction. “I-I’m fine Elle excuse me for a moment so I can take this bloody suit jacket off.” After a moment of fiddling with his buttons Bill finds a bit of relief with the confining fabric of the jacket is left to rest against the back of the chair, wiping his brow with a piece of cloth from his pocket he continues, “Ah much better! So you were saying for the most part you had no issues moving then? That’s good! I know some others who weren’t so keen on doing that and had to be convinced but these things happen and we have systems to deal with them! Our company in particular does have a interest in macro workers so long as they fit the bill for what we’re looking for. So if I may hurry this along before I get heat stroke how did you come about finding yourself working here?” She shifts again opting to bring her other leg to join the first both paws on display in front of the desk lightly stacked on top of one another not unlike super-sized sandbags, “Ah I was wondering when this would come up. *Sigh* Well to be honest? I sorta found this job by accident if you can believe that..” she looks down rather sheepishly scratching the back of her head. Bill raises an eyebrow, “A accident you say? Please explain Elle.” Elle pulls her legs a bit back paw sliding across the floor with the sound of something sandy grinding against cement for a moment, “Well I happened to be swimming nearby actually, you know open ocean stuff since I can’t swim in the pools here since their more like foot baths for me ya know? And I happen to come upon this disabled ship who needed a lift to shore I figured since I was more than close enough I’d give em a free lift and carried em to the yard. Granted I guess no one radioed the yard itself since everyone was staring at me like I had alien tentacles or something..” She laughs for a moment before continuing, “But after a quick talk with the captain and the foreman I ended up not only bringing the ship in but ended up off loading the cargo after watching how slowly the crane they had was doing it. Literally what took me 3-5 seconds would take those guys 20 minutes! I’m guessing the foreman saw this and decided to strike a deal with me, if I kept bringing in the ships and helped off load cargo he could pay me for the spare time I took out of my day to do it the way I saw it was a pretty sweet gig overall!” Bill takes a moment folding his hands listening to the story with his chin resting against his knuckles, “Hmm now Elle you must understand the circumstances behind the situation while I and the company as a whole appreciate your efforts here we can’t having you conti- GAH!!” His speech would be interrupted by a sudden shift on Elle’s part as she sweeps her legs under and eventually behind her waist causing a sudden gust as the massive amount of flesh and muscle move as one. She eventually looms over the rabbit even closer now her head taking up Bill’s previous view of the roof, “You can’t take this job from me! I’ve got my own place and bills to pay this job was practically made for me!” her hands now on the floor of the warehouse dig into the cement a bit causing a lot crackling noise to the pair sides a sound that Bill definitely noticed. “Calm down Elle! You didn’t let me finish!” He pulls himself back to the desk the sudden movement from Elle prompting him to fly backwards away from the desk nearly falling out of the chair. He takes a moment to catch his breath before continuing able to see his reflection slightly in the eyes of the giant Otter, “I’m not here to fire you! It’s the exact opposite! I came to give you the job officially and after a little bit of paperwork I promise your stay with us as comfortable as possible!” A loud crash would be heard as Elle fist cracks through the ceiling as if it were paper her entire body slightly rising into the air along with it shaking the entire warehouse as a result the lights in the rafters flickering. Bill noted making good on the visual note of her reach though it was done not out of spite but of force of habit, “Yes!! Thank you thank you thank you! I promise I’ll be the best thing to happen here since tug boats were invented! …And will that come out of my pay?..” She settles down slumping back to the floor with a heavy sounding thud shaking the desk and nearly knocking the recorder over in the process. Bill still a bit jumpy from the sudden uppercut at the roof’s expense would lightly cough as he’s brought back to earth once more only to have to quickly scramble to save the recorder from falling off the edge of the desk. Once his rescue is complete he sits back with a relived sigh, “Er…no that’s fine we can get that fixed Elle just follow me if you will so we can go talk to the foreman about the change of plans and do be careful!” He finishes with a click of the recorder a small storage device popping out with a semi loud click he quickly stashes it away within his suitcase before standing and walking towards the door. Elle of course right behind him ducking ever so often to avoid the rafters and keeping Bill ever so nervous as her thudding steps stay right on his tail, Elle knew from this day on she was more or less set from this point on!...So long as she made sure to not to step on her fellow shipyard workers.
LikesFeet, Swimming, Micros, Macros, Working, Teasing, Butts, Licking
DislikesScat, Watersports, Hyper, Breastmilk
OccupationShipyard Assistant Foreman, Crane

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