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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAmalie
Age256,995 years old but in personality she's around
Height25 feet (base) but varies
WeightIt's kinda private...
SummaryAmalie is basically a Goddess,and a really ancient one,derivating herself from a really distant Multiverse where it resides her own Pantheon,Amalie being the last Goddess to spawn from this Pantheon that was in good terms with the Aesir Pantheon.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAmalie just like any other Reshiram in the multiverses is a white-colored, bipedal Pokémon with draconic, avian and mammalian traits,but mostly silverish fur.
Hair Coloursilverish white
Eye Colourblue with black pupil
ClothingShe usually doesn't wear them except during solemn rites involving the formation of new universes,where she wear a roman-like attire.
AccessoriesShe always wear a mystical glowing orb on her neck that stores her own soul. The orb is indestructible of course but when separated from Amalie,her powers are reduced by half.
WeaponryBeing Omnipotent,she can unleash burst of energy that can instantly vaporize entire planets and even some galaxies in a single deadly burst of Holy light. Though she rarely gets angry to destroy worlds...
Special AbilitiesShe's Omnipotent,Omniscient and thanks to her sacred orb,she has the possibility to be virtually everywhere.
Outstanding FeaturesHer whole body is something mortals loves to see and dares to watch if she's angry. Every curve of her body is perfect and her breasts are big and soft. Every inch of her body is soft and warm to the touch.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBeing a goddess she's kind,gentle and compassionate,but she can be also fierce and dominating when she's bored or angry. But essentially she has a really playful personality. Her favourite hobby is licking planets to cuddle their inhabitants without even harm or drown them in her unending spit.
BackgroundAmalie was there much before life on Earth originated itself,far beyond the reaches of time and space and the comprehension of feeble mortal beings. I don't know when she came to life,but i can tell how she came to life... Where Nothing gathers itself to actually form Time,Space and Matter,the omnipotent God known as Archades ,Lord of Everything spawn her from his whole body,generating a being known to have created many life forms in his long life. With patience he gathered all of his strenght to give form to Amalie who opened her eyes in the cold empty eternities and smiled. Legend told that when she smiled for the first time upon being born,stars came into existance as well a new universe,thanks to her newborn powers. Archades smiled proudly and bestowed her with his Might,predicting a glorious future. Archades teached her her true place in the world,always treating his followers and worshippers with proper care. One day Amalie fell in love with another God and promised to Him,Eternal love. But that God hid the darkness inside his heart...only to reach Archades and dethrone its ruler. After he killed Amalie's father she cast her away from Archades betraying her claiming that "she will never have worshippers." Lonely she travelled any universe and any galaxy and every world to find new friends and followers and other Gods to befriend and rebuild her destroyed life. She met countless people,faiths,beliefs,and Gods and she finally managed to gather a circle of worshippers recently,regaining her lost omnipotence and finally affirming herself as a true Goddess. Capable of utterly destroying worlds in a blink of an eye when pissed off,she's mostly harmless,curious,playful and mischievous and having quite a number of followers and worshippers,treating each one of them like her own sons. Currently her only friend is myself . Support her cause and help her gain tons of new friends and worshippers! Also she's free to have a PKMN trainer...if u manage to catch her. Her normal size is around 25-50 ft tall but she can grow in size without limits.
LikesBeing worshipped,cuddling others,fighting with fellow deities,creating new worlds,macros and micros and most of all,destroying planets when she's bored.
DislikesDesrespectful and evil beings,evil gods and creatures,being forced to do things,being lazy
LocationEverywhere...even your dreams.
OccupationOmnipotent deity,forger of worlds,galaxies and universes,big troublemaker,drool lover.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"there's nothing either good and bad...there's only me."

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