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Vital Statistics!

Character NameProf. Sanctus D. Titanus
SpeciesFour-armed Foxtaur Avatar
Age20 (human years)
Height5 ft 10 in
Weight154 lbs
SummaryProf. Sanctus is a tall, slender “red fox” covered with an ultramarine furcoat, a white underbelly, and a pair of black gloves and socks, which most strike one as unusual characteristics for the species. He works during the daytime as a professor at Eden Academy teaching "Mythology and Religion" throughout the ages with fervency insomuch that he earned himself the title of “Mystical Professor”. That would not be the only reason for that though, for he is actually a real magician who immerses himself in such affairs, protecting the world from rampaging gods and monsters. At times, he may ensorcel his form into a macrofurry of titanic sizes, known as Vulpetaurus Titanus, whenever he desires. Search Vulpetaurus Titanus on Furbase Database for more information. His birthday is September 27th (Libra). His furfamily brethren are Rowtag Firetail, Leon Loco, Zacharias de Lobo, and Mario in order from oldest to youngest.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourUltramarine Fur, white markings, and black gloves and socks cutting off somewhat before meeting halfway to on his lower limbs.
Hair ColourBlack (Mop Top with curls neatly parting from his eyes)
Eye ColourCrimson Red
ClothingDark Gray, Gatsby Cap, Tweed Jacket (unbuttoned),Dark Blue shirt with a flag of Great Britain
AccessoriesRather than simply sporting an accessory for stylishness as most do, the Professor prefers its effect on aiding him on his adventures. He wears one of the twelve talismans in his astrology collection, which provide a boost to an ability such as Mercury raising his intelligence to a scholar’s level .
WeaponryGrimoire of Salomon - Seventh Edition, the spellbook bestowed upon him by his Master to advance his studies further in “Magicall Artes”.
Special AbilitiesElemental Magic (Aether and Aer in particular), Size-shifting, Transmutation (to some degree).
Outstanding FeaturesHe is not actually a fox, but a human under a strong enchantment to transmute his form for extended periods of times. That is not much of a secret though as most of his friends know it.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCourteous, Intelligent, and Taciturn, though Loyal.
BackgroundAt age twelve, he began his studies under Salomon, a wise and powerful magician, in the “Artes of Elementall Magick”. Herein he learned how to use the “Five Elemental Forces” generating in nature to produce magical effects of various types from offensive to supportive spells. At age fifteen, it was time in Illuminatian tradition, when Sanctus would undertake his last trial to earn his magician license. He embarked on a pilgrimage spanning for five years to travel to the holy temple, where God himself dwells to judge an apprentice's performance, at the end if the world. Utilizing all the knowledge he learned, he survived many perilous dangers and moral dilemmas along the way and passed it. At age twenty, Sanctus moved to Urbs Illuminati to work as a Professor at Academia Edenis, which is right across the street from the Cathedral, burning with the desire to augment his religious zeal and magical studies through service to the people. A year later, his brethren (Zacharías de Lobo, Mario, and Inugami) did the same throughout the remainder of the year, intending to maintain their brotherly bond. At age twenty-one, he
LikesGenres: Adventure, Fantasy, Slice-of-Life, Mythology; Renaissance Era; Types: Affection, Macrophilia, Microphilia, Myophila, Taurdom, Growth, Shrinkage; Species: Humans, Beastmen, Other Species; English Toffee, Fish dishes, cooking, reading classic literature, writing stories, and helping out those in need.
DislikesBlasphemy, Desecration of Christianity, Impiety; (RP Things): Cruelty, Erotica, Romance, Specieism, Vorarephilia
LocationAcademia Edenis, Urbs Illuminatis, Fabula Terrae
OccupationCertified Professor at Eden Academy
Additional InfoFurfamily Brethren: (from oldest to youngest) Rowtag Firetail, Zacharías, Leon Loco, Mario His forename Sanctvs means "Holy", "Sacred", or "Saint" in Latin referring to his zeal to the Christian faith. Titanus means "of the Titans" in Latin, which refers to a primordial and more powerful race of gods preceding the birth of the Olympian gods in Greco-Roman mythology and of a giant size. This is a literal pun on divine nature and giant form as Vulpetaurus T. than merely its modern meaning with the latter often used in the macrofurry fandom.

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