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Temporary reference with different fur color.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVulpetaurus Tītanus
SpeciesTitan Four-Armed Foxtaur
Height1 mile (in true form 700 light-years )
Weight204 megatonnes (in muscle mass doubled by taur form)
Summary(Also spelled as Vvlpetavrvs Titanus), is a Titan four-armed foxtaur deity and the younger aspect in the Titanus Duality with Rowtag Firetail. As its name implies, his image bears resemblance to that of a Centaur from Greek Mythology with a human’s bust joined to a horse’s body. Although rather than consisting of traditional equine characteristics, he is wholly red fox modeled with a larger body of a quadrupedal version supporting his anthropomorphic self. There is no need for a close examination to see his brawniness, for even at distance one would notice those immense pectorals jutting out his shirt like a pair of boulders. Armed with a second pair of powerfully-built limbs no less marvelous than the first, their combined efforts augment his might to the degree of two strongman. He could move impregnable mountains even Mt. Everest across the country without so much as breaking a sweat. Standing a mile tall, this titan towers mightily over all and every man-made structure in the world that he comes near as though they are a child's toys. Despite how one may perceive him on a monumental scale, that frankly belies his true form. He spans seven hundred light-years in the Milky Way on a nebulous scale, which is two-hundred thirty thousand times the Solar System's size. However when there are times he desires that no one should fear and tremble before him as the divine aspect, but see him intimately as a friend. Wherefore Vulpetaurus can operate an avatar “Vulpetaurus Incarnationis” to walk amongst the mortals, but its close resemblance does not share his size and power of immense magnitudes in the slightest. Instead, it takes on a humble and welcoming form as one of them to do so (see ProfSanctus in Furbase Database). His birthday is September 27th (Libra). His furfamily brethren are Rowtag Firetail, Leon Loco, Zacharias de Lobo, and Mario from oldest to youngest.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourUltramarine Fur, white markings, and black gloves and socks cutting off somewhat before meeting halfway to on his lower limbs.
Hair ColourBlack Mop Top with curls parting to the left side of his brows neatly and a short beardstache covering his muzzle however not trimmed.
Eye ColourYellow. His eyes glow with a luminous degree of light as the full moon whenever he casts a spell.
ClothingHe sports on a somewhat sophisticated attire to look presentable for important business on Heaven or Earth, yet lenient to friends if they wish to speak without formalities. It consists of a gray Gatsby cap, a tweed coat (left unbuttoned), a dark blue shirt with a design displaying the flag of Great Britain, though no pants are included for it cannot possibly fit on his long taur posterior.
AccessoriesDark Gray Gatsby Cap
WeaponryFisticuffs & Spellcasting
Special AbilitiesSuperhuman Strength (augmented twice by dual limbs), Size-Enlargement, Muscle Mass Expansion, Avatar Creation, Immortality (not including Avatar), Elemental Magic (particularly Aether and Aer type)
Outstanding Features15 miles 438.2 gigatonnes = 4.3816E+11 in metric tonnes

Personality & Background

PersonalityKind, humble, intelligent, faithful, somewhat reclusive and eccentric.
BackgroundIn the month of July, Vulpetaurus established a covenant with Rowtag Firetail, a good friend, to strengthen their bond to a brotherhood forever. The Titan chose the mortal from out of everyone in the world for he saw within him a fox after his own heart pertaining to macrophilia and myoohilia. Thus, the liger granted the fox transcendence over mere mortal limitations into a Titan (like Himself) endowing him with divinity, brawniness, and shifting to Brobdingnag sizes. Later, the they modified their natural forms into four-armed theriotaurs (beast-taurs) to achieve the ideal body wherein their size and muscle mass are effectively increased by double. As a promotion for the youngest's faithful service over the months, Rowtag seated Vulpetaurus at his right hand in the patheon renewing their covenant even better than before. He swore that no one, not from the dawn, nor until end of time itself, shall surpass the brother's unmmatchable feats (concerning the their colossal of stature and immense of bulk).
Likes[Interests]: Kindness (Affection), Macrophilia (Mega to Terra sizes), Myophilia (Muscular to Herculean builds), Size Difference; Bodybuilding, Size-growth, Muscle-growth; [Themes]: Adventure, Fantasy, Slice-of-life, Mythology, Historical; [Things]: English toffee, fish dishes, cooking, reading classic literature, writing stories, and helping out those in need.
DislikesCruelty (Sadiomasochism), Erotica, Lipophilia, Romance, Specieism, Sexual Roleplays; Unkosher dietary items (ex. Pork)
LocationAcademia Edenis, Urbs Illuminatis, Fabula Terrae
OccupationGod of virility, fitness, and the giants, Prince of the Universe; (Avatar): Certified professor at Éden Academy, and Archmage of the Order of Solomon.
Additional InfoHis surname Titanus means "of the Titans" in Latin, which refers to a primordial and more powerful race of gods preceding the birth of the Olympians in Greco-Roman mythology and of a giant size. This is a literal pun on divine nature and giant form as Vulpetaurus T. than merely its modern meaning with the latter often used in the macrofurry fandom. Favorite Sizes: 1 Mile - Titan-size (Rowtag and his minimal size in Titan Form) 15 Miles: Mt. Olympus-size (the tallest mountain in Solar System) 2,200 miles - Lunar-size 700 lys - Nebula-size (about as large the Tarantula Nebula, the largest nebula in the universe). Other? To the ends of the universe.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“Principium sapientiae timor Domini et scientia sanctorum prudentia.” - Proverbs 9:10

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