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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBraith
Height50 feet
SummaryBureaucrats from the dragon kingdoms and the princess coalition determined that in order to maintain status as princess and a dragon she'd have to kidnap a princess, and to keep her status as a formally-recognized princess, she'd need to be kidnapped by a dragon. Logically they then determined that the best compromise would be if she kidnapped herself. Instead, she ate the king and made herself queen to avoid such an embarrassing scenario.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour Bronze, bellyscales are darker. Claws and spikes are black.
Hair ColourGinger, single, thick braid down to her mid-back, finished off with a golden bead.
Eye ColourGold
ClothingVelvety green dress, reaches the top of her feet, trimmed with gold and slightly puffy sleeves.
AccessoriesCrown is a simple gold and silver circlet finished with a circular ruby
WeaponryShe carries a small, ornamental dagger.
Special AbilitiesFirebreath!
Outstanding FeaturesBraith lacks wings. She has 5 horns on her head in a vaguely circular arrangement, as well as several small spikes on her jaw. Her tail is roughly twice as long as she is tall, slender, and tipped with a club.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLazy teenager mentality; a bit angsty, a bit spoiled, but good at heart. Does not want to be queen and does all she can to get the peasants to rise up and overthrow her by enacting ridiculous laws. These tend backfire in ways beneficial to everyone else's life, but drives her nuts.
BackgroundIn the small kingdom of Thonk, known for its top-quality mud and fairly decent sheep, an unseen force was vandalizing hovels, pillaging farms, and stealing sheep. Under the assumption that dragons were at fault, Prince Hobart, eager to prove his worth as a ruler and become king, dispatched himself to seek out and slay the beast. He quickly found the gilded lair of the Dragon Queen Vesela, and showing no fear, entered with his sword drawn. Instead of slaying the dragoness and returning with her head, he, shall we say, "rolled for initiative" and emerged from the cave several days later in need of clean armor and a bit of burn cream. The dragon and human kingdoms were united shortly thereafter and peace was brought to their lands after it is revealed that the vandals are a roving band of Grus. As quickly as the unity comes, with the hatching of Princess Braith, it disperses. King Hobart, not wanting the burden of a child, sends their daughter away to be raised in the dragon lands until she is old enough to return to the castle and become a fully fledged princess. Fast-forward several decades, as dragon's age quite slowly, and with Braith now having grown older, and much taller, the time for her formal induction into the Royal Society of Dragons as well as the Official Princess Coalition is at hand. However, the final requirements of each group are rather...conflicting. To become a fully-recognized princess, she must be kidnapped by a dragon, but to become a formally recognized dragon...she must kidnap a princess. In a desperate meeting between the two organizations, King Hobart, having grown tired of his daughter and wishing more time to subjugate his peasants, proposes that Braith kidnap herself! The assembled representatives wholeheartedly agree and Braith is so shocked, horrified, and TOTALLY embarrased that he'd try to ruin her life like that, that she eats him then and there and proclaims herself queen, thus bypassing the ceremonies and saving herself from forever being known as "The Princess who Kidnapped Herself". With the brutal King Hobart deposed, the monarchy in shambles, her mother offering no more advice than "Have fun ruling the humans, dearie! Don't forget to eat your mutton!", and Braith having no idea how to rule, she must either find a way to get herself overthrown, or suck it up and start running a kingdom!
LocationHavenmoor Castle in the Kingdom of Thonk