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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaxine
Species"Snow" Leopard Shark
HeightNormally between 5 feet and 120 feet, but fully capable of being bigger
SummaryMaxine, a mild mannered sharkgirl, and ice cream enthusiast vowed she would become the greatest super villain ever (and make the world sorry for making a video of her falling over as a child go viral) after trying a supersoldier serum she ordered off the internet and gaining minor superpowers. She's not particularly good at the whole super villain thing though, so don't worry!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray, almost white sharkskin, darker gray broad stripes and black snowleopard-y spots between the stripes.
Hair ColourBright purple with red streaks.
Eye ColourGray-green eyes, slitted pupils.
ClothingSuper villain attire: Segmented red leather halter crop-top, black shorts with red seams under a fishnet skirt and a white utility belt with a skull and crossbones buckle adorned with several silver containers for holding supervillain type things and a raygun holster. Red fingerless "fishnet" gloves, and knee-high boots when the situation calls for evildoing in landlocked areas. Ice Cream Parlor Uniform: Soft pink baseball cap with a smiling ice cream cone on it, pastel green t-shirt with a soft yellow apron over it, purple jeans, and a nametag that looks like an ice cream scooper. Blue and white skate shoes.
AccessoriesHer utility belt contains a grappling hook, wireless speakers for voice amplification and playing ominous music, and various other gadgets for doing...evil stuff. For jewlery she wears an anchor necklace that she TOTALLY stole from a cruise ship and didn't buy in a gift shop, an elastic "I <3 Rocky Road" bracelet, and gold studs in her tailfins.
WeaponryMulti-purpose ray gun (Which she got on the internet of course) capable of vaporization, freezing, shrinking, growing, and changing the color of nearly anything except ice cream and other dairy products.
Special AbilitiesCan grow and shrink as she pleases, enhanced acrobatic abilities, and the power to scoop ice cream really, really well.
Outstanding FeaturesSomewhat cat-like despite being a shark. A bit broader "ears", feline eyes, whiskers, and pink paw and fingerpads. Her fingers and toes are webbed. BEEEEEG sharkyteeths. Claws painted bright silver so people think she's some sort of part-robot superbeing because that totally makes sense!

Personality & Background

PersonalityRather friendly despite her desire to be a famous super villain! Rather easily frustrated, and tends to deal with things that peeve her in rather extreme fashions: like vaporizing someone's car when they double-park behind her. Maxine doesn't want to conquer/destroy the world, she just wants to be taken seriously and have people admire her or be on TV for something besides that time when she was five and a half and a local news statition filmed her trying to do a cartwheel at a fair but ended up falling over onto the plate of funnel cake she put down so she could show off her awesome cartwheeling skills.
BackgroundMaxine lives and grew up in a small coastal city under conditions of almost complete normality, save for a news video of her doing a cartwheel and falling into a funnel cake becoming internet famous and haunting her through high school. Her parents went off to travel the world and sent her to live with her Great Aunt and Uncle, where she lives still after dropping out of college and getting a job at an ice cream parlor. After discovering a supposed "Super Soldier" serum for sale on the internet, Maxine vowed to become the world's greatest super villain ever! (and make the world sorry for making a video of her falling over as a child go viral) The serum didn't work quite as planned, and instead of giving her the ability to fly, shoot lasers from her eyes, and super strength, she found she was gifted with the same acrobatic skill above ground as underwater, and then twenty minutes later, that she could grow to enormous sizes! These new powers came at a price; she no longer resembled a normal leopard shark! Her coloring changed to resemble that of a snow leopard, and she grew whiskers and padded digits! A total shock for a shark! Immediately following her discovery of her new size-changing abilities, she tried to go on a rampage, but couldn't bring herself to step on anyone or wreck much beyond a few park benches, sidewalks, and a news stand. Not to end up totally defeated and embarrased, she refused to leave the city until they submitted to her demands! ...Namely a few dozen tons of ice cream, a basket of calamari the size of a small house, and a cold beer (but not that cheap crap!). She then left and never spoke of the incident again. Subsequent evil schemes have included such dastardly plots as being in the way of shipping lanes, trying to steal more landmarks than Carmen Sandeigo, and an attempted heisting of an empty train (which was brought to an end when her manager called and told her she needed to come into work early because the person with the shift before her had to go home after an unfortunate accident involving an ice cream cake)
LikesIce cream, shrimp, squid, most other seafood, a cold beer after work, being looked up at, being "evil", ridiculous badguy outfits, practicing her evil laugh.
DislikesGetting made fun of, that one video of her as a kid, getting called in to cover extra shifts at the store, screwing up her evil laugh
OccupationSuper villain and employee of "Happy Licks Ice Cream Emporium"
Additional InfoSHARK