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Snorts heavily as I hold still for the camera man, "Come one, how much longer do I have to have this pose for a single shot?".

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCeasur Hoss
SpeciesEquine: American Quarter Horse
Height~15ft ~4.5 meters
Weight2.5 tons
SummaryRaise by a mortal family of Hares that are normal size, he was normal size during his childhood. When he hit puberty, his powers awoken to a certain extent when he went swimming in a lake at his parents mountain home. He suddenly grew to 75ft in height and was scared on what all to do when he did. His family stuck by him and comforted him during that time, until he was comfortable enough and confident enough to try to re-enter society. His sister did have a lot of affect on him with how he really came to terms with his new size and did her best to help him during his transition. They ended up living on the outskirts of the city, used up all their money just to feed and clothe him. Which resulted in them having to live in his clothing, in a non-sexual way. He takes off his shirt and sets it up like a tent kind of thing. Feeling horrible about how his growth put his family out of a home and nearly out of food. He took up a job with the local demolition yard and junk yard, which thankfully helped bring in enough money to bring his family out of debt. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for them to even rent a place to live, but by the time that came about. They didn't really want to leave their son alone and have to go out to see him, rather they continued on with their normal routine. Rather they invested in building materials of a tougher brand, something that he could put together to carry them around with him. After years of him working on his school work and working odd jobs in town, they eventually had enough to buy what they needed for him to make a necklace with a bead like sphere in the center. The outside of the sphere he made up completely and made sure that it was completely see though all around. While they took care of the inside of it, but was not able to decorate it like a traditional home due to how often it would be moved and shaken about. Instead they chose to decorate in a more tribal fashion, nothing big and bulky that could be moved about and fall on someone. But nothing in the way of not having a mattress or anything of the sort, giving it a overall welcoming and a zen/tribal like appeal to it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight clay brown
Hair ColourLime Green
Eye ColourLight Brown
ClothingLoin cloth with belt and pouches around the hips.
Accessoriessilver necklace in the shape of the sun and the moon
WeaponryJust his fist and hooves
Outstanding FeaturesHuge in muscle bulk

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, but tends to be dominate in the conversation
LikesSmaller people, giving rides, and trying new things, weight lifting and proper English.
DislikesRude and annoying people, small children who parents have yet to teach them manners, same with the parents.
OccupationFarmer/ranch owner
Additional InfoKinks and such normal stuff really, aside from being a pan-sexual.

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