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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJack R. Dievallo
SpeciesRed Fox
Height7' 8

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is an orange red color his forearms and his feet have black 'socks' on them his ears being black-furred aswell while the tip his tail is white.
Hair ColourHis headfur is the same normal orange as most of his furs
Eye Coloureyes a are a nice shade of blue
ClothingHe wears a grey threepeice suit with thin white stripes running down it, at his waist is a brown leather belt. He also wears a pair of black shoes that go with his outfit, on his head is a fadora or 'capone' hat and he wears a pair of wire framed glasses with round lenses
AccessoriesHe has a gold ring on his right hand and has a gold chain around his neck
Weaponryin his pocket is a pair of brass knuckles and on the belt in a sheath is a small knife and on occasion has been known to carry two rapid fire writeing press machine guns also known as the TommyGun. He has unknown magical abilities aswell.
Outstanding FeaturesHis Muscular body.

Personality & Background

Personalityat first he might be a little cautious but once you get to know him he's energetic and friendly though at times when he's 'working' he's a bit merciless
BackgroundHe's a normal guy cept he runs a 'buisness' as a kid people were afraid of him cause he had certain powers and some even picked on him for it as he grew up he began training for is muscle and his powers when he became an adult his name became one to really fear atleast for the normal sized ones and of course the micros and at the moment his 'family' runs grezono city with an ironfist he just thinks of it this way: He ain't evil he's just misunderstood.
LikesBasic all around fun and doing what he can to help himself and possibly others.
DislikesBad news and news that's bad.
LocationDievallo Manner on Virna Hill
OccupationHe is a Mafia Boss of the Dievalo gang