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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLt. Antipatros of Viritus
Height6' 3"
Weight180 lbs
SummaryThe son of Colonel Confirium and the first lieutenant in the of the Viritus Army. He is stoic, tough, yet caring deep down for his comrades though he speaks ruggedly. He has a hatred of giants in general roots from a traumatic experience as a pup that involved a group of such beings destroying his mother and hometown. His inner wish is to rid the world of them to prevent the same tragedy which movtivated him through his advance Mecha Trainin. He pilots a red mecha armed with a gladius and shield called "Romulus" that specializes in direct combat to cut hordes of enemies down to size.

Outward Appearance

WeaponryBeam Gladius and Energy Shield designed for him and his mecha specifically. It runs on a solar battrry, so both will shut down once the energy is depleted in dark settings such as nightime or inside a building.
Special AbilitiesShrink Ray: Can diminish a monster in size evening the playing field with oversized foes, however it consumes a high amount of energy to use.

Personality & Background

OccupationFirst lieutenant in the Viritus Army.
Additional InfoRelationships: Sanctvs Titanis: Although, off with a rocky start for a few months debating the coexistence of giants, Anitpatros aids the Titan from time to time to protect the Illuminati kingdom borderline neighboring to the Viritius empire from giant monsters claiming it to be for the "quicker progression of extermination". Abel Bin-Noach Malamot: He tries his best not to show even the slightest smirk when the big dog gladdens his heart with his silly and loving personality. Yet, there are times when he fails from the strongest form of his love moving him, which leave him blushing and acting perturbed.