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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFr'yr Lathiyades
SpeciesBosodae Quanticate (Jewelled Chameleon form)
Height5 foot 1 inch
Weight110 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourScales follow the standard patterning of Jewelled Chameleons. Yellow stripes travel the length of his body, with an alternating pattern of black and green between them. Intermixed with the green/black pattern is little blue dots. His belly is a pale yellow color
Hair ColourLathiyades has no hair
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingLathiyades wears a green jacket with 2 black stripes that run along the top of his arm sleeve. He has a red stylized "A" in which the negative space is an upwards arrow. Underneath this jacket he wears a white shirt with nothing on it. For pants he wears tan cargo pants, with 4 cargo pockets. He wears no boots because of his unusual feet.
AccessoriesLathiyades carries a golden pocketwatch with the same symbol that is on his jacket, except engraved. On his left arm Lathiyades wears a device called a "Quanta Imager & Hostile Action Defense System" (QIHADS for short).
WeaponryThe closest item Lathiyades has to weaponry is the QIHADS, which only activates upon someone being hostile to him. It uses nanite technology to form any weapon upon the gauntlet.
Special AbilitiesLathiyades can manipulate all quanta but electrons Lathiyades can make use of 12 different dimensions
Outstanding FeaturesLathiyades has unusually long and slender features. His fingers are twice the size of an average human hands. He has only 3 fingers and 1 thumb. Similarly on his feet, he has a hind toe and 3 long forward extending toes, they allow for basic grasping.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLathiyades is extremely spontaneous, and will fix problems as they are created. He will occasionally broadcast someone's intentions, even if they want to keep it secret, and often overlooking someone's emotions.
BackgroundLathiyades was born to parents quickly killed by ferals. He soon found he was the last of his species, or so it was thought. Later on, about 1,500 years later, he started courting another Quanticate he was lucky to find, her name was Calliope. Calliope discovered that she could absorb large amounts of mana and became power angry. Lathiyades had ended up killing her because she nearly ended up destroying the universe. After this, Lathiyades signed a contract he shouldn't have and was launched into a world of depression, excitement, and action. Soon he had to repair a Yttrium reactor and the radiation bombarded his body, beginning a reaction which caused the particles of his body to vibrate in twelve dimensions. Lathiyades soon used this to his advantage. He soon revisited the Calliope disaster and gained the ability to regenerate, which was later given up to save a suitor.
LikesFIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE (Pyromaniac), Milkshakes, Spaceships, Undiscovered Civilizations
DislikesICE of course, Questionable content, Erotica, Death of self-aware creatures, Cold weather
LocationUhmmm.... Earth?
OccupationTemporal Explorations, Sentience Preservation, Universal Preservation

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIt is easier to make a mess than it is to clean it up. That is what entropy is.