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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCholla
SpeciesCactus Cat
HeightVariable from 5'10" upwards
WeightJust as variable!
SummaryCholla is an anthropomorphic, cactus cat biker-gal. She rides through the desert at night to drink her fill of cactus juice, growing bigger as she drinks, before cruising in to a town or city to party the night (and city) away and rides home with the rising sun.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourToned and strong, somewhat curvy and round (LIKE CACTUS) with long, long legs, Cholla has pale green skin with light yellow-gold cactus spine "fur". Fleshy parts of her body are a darker green. Claws and fangs are the same pale yellow-gold as her spines. Also she has whiskers.
Hair ColourWild, medium-length spiky hair. Dark green base tapering to blonde tips.
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingTorn, ragged tanktop which her spines poke through all over the place under a short-bodied, spiked leather jacket. Heavy, thick jeans (which her spines still poke through) and a wide, studded belt with a large belt buckle engraved with a cactus flower. Optional cowboy-style motorcycle boots.
AccessoriesBobber-style motorcycle with a engine that's loud enough to shatter buildings, make the earth tremble, and literally tear up the pavement when she twists the throttle.
Special AbilitiesCactus
Outstanding FeaturesCactus!

Personality & Background

PersonalityA bit gruff and thorny and not too open. She may be talky as the night wears on, but she reveals little about herself or her past. Once warmed up, or on her nightly visits, she's carefree and more concerned with having a good time than what's going on around or below her.
BackgroundCholla is an anthropromorphic, cactus cat biker-gal. Nocturnal mostly, she spends her days sleeping and occasionally working on her motorcycle in the mountains deep within the Sonoran Desert. She rides down at night to drink her fill of cactus juice, growing bigger as she drinks, before cruising in to a town or city to party the night away and ride home with the rising sun. Rarely seen when she doesn't want to be, Cholla holds her mythic nature with pride; remaining elusive as any mythical creature until the right night, the right time, and the right size when she makes her presence known with the ground-shaking roar of her bike's engine and a mighty yell that terrifies and captivates those below.
DislikesDon't even think about touching her ride. Seriously. Stop thinking about it!
LocationSomewhere in the southwest