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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKojiro Rey
SpeciesGrey Fox
Height6ft 5in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is grey and rather ragged there is white on his tail tip and black on his ears
Hair Colourhis head fur is like his fur though it's length is about down to where the bottom of where the middle of his neck is though not shoulder length while it's color is brown he has it parted in the middle
Eye ColourHis eyes are faded and blue
ClothingHe wears grey and black samurai Robes that are tattered around in the places where he was shot and they have a dragon design on them.
Accessoriesa small Necklace of gold that his mother gave him.
WeaponryHis samural sword called Tagiro and a miniature sword call Raijo he also Carries a Kunai blade with a chain aswell as shurikens
Outstanding Featureshis athletic body and the fact that he is dead though there is also the fact that he has bullet wounds on his chest and torso

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's friendly and honorable he only fights to defend and sometimes when asked but not all the time he uses a Ronin style of Samurai fighting
BackgroundHe was at first jut a plain samurai working for the goverment during the Manji crisis then when he was dismissed from the Military for reason only known to him he became a Ronin takeing any small job no matter what it was he usually got it done though he always acted with honor. he was though eventually caught dureing a job (due to a faulty grappling hook line) and executed by gunfire (the olden ones fired by a fuse)
Likeshaveing fun he sometimes fights but it's not for any reason mostly sparring, he also like spending time with friends
Dislikessomething he couldn't fix.
LocationHe lives at his Dojo in a small town called Verno
OccupationRonin (Basically a sword for hire)
Additional InfoHe has some ninja equipment for sneaking about. His age is 25 not counting the years he's been dead. He also knows a few Rune magics and carries many written scrolls of magic he knows plenty of element magics.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI strike swiftly yet i only leave one trace of my existance a white flower petal....