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Nikki Lowren

Vital Statistics!

Character Namegothfox

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourfox markings: red with white gloves and boots, black ears. tail is red with a white tip
Hair ColourMildly shiny black hair, which reaches down past her shoulders
Eye ColourDeep green eyes
Clothingnormally black shortsleeve shirt, black shorts that reach below her kneecaps, fishnet stockings, and black sneakers.
Accessoriesone gold earring in either ear with an emerald inset into it
Weaponrynone, she doesn't fight.
Outstanding Featuresnone really. she's an ordinary vixen

Personality & Background

PersonalityUnlike the image she portrays, she is an extremly friendly person. She will be more than willing to help anyone who wants it. She may listen to 'questionable' music, but she has a very wide and varied taste in music.
LikesRainbows, happiness, tinkering with machinery.
DislikesMachinery that turns against her.
Locationher own apartment near her brother rf.
OccupationWorks as a maid in a hotel downtown.