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Nyss giving a little arakun a checkup

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNyss
SpeciesFox / Wysoomian Vulpin
Height5ft 3 inches

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange-Red, with a diamond shaped patch of white on his chest
Hair ColourDark red, done up in dreadlocks, with a longer and thicker braid running down his back
Eye ColourBright Royal Blue
ClothingGenerally wears a simple kilt and sash, or... nothing at all
AccessoriesHe carries around a large book he got from the biomantic college at all times, and he wears a pair of pince-nez glasses on his muzzle. he doesn't need them, but they look neat
WeaponryHe is capable of summoning metal surgical scalpels out of thin air, and he also carries a gold and silver scalpel. The golden one burns an cauterizes anything that it cuts, and the silver one leaves bleeding wounds that do not heal. His Biomantic Training generally consists of the power to heal wounds.... but..... Major Phlegm: Paralyzes it's target on the spot with a massive chemical imbalance Minor Sanguine: Turns Nyss' blood into a deadly poison, which sprays onto whoever cuts him Major Melancholy: Slows down the target to a crawl Destroy Spiritus: causes his target to suffer a major heart attack
Outstanding FeaturesThe tips of his ears and tail are white, and his hands are black. Blood-red mottling decorates the backs of his hands and neck, and a white band circles the middle of his tail

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is generally a kind, affectionate, trusting fox. His feelings for his friends are very deep, but he is easily hurt, so the idea of offending one of them terrifies him.
BackgroundLong and Complicated. ask him someday
LikesFriendly people, cuddling, hot baths, lavender, the color blue, Food
DislikesBeing cut to pieces, fire, anything that messes up his fur, especially acid
LocationWysoom, in a dragon's lair in the valley of the river of dreams
OccupationNyss works at the biomantic college, as a healer.
Additional Infothis is an actual character from the MUD Retromod. http://www.retromud.org