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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTerrin McChambers
SpeciesSwift Fox (Rare)
Height5ft 6in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourhis fur is a brownish yellow
Hair Colourhis headfur is a dark brown and longer than the rest of his fur
Eye Colourhis yes are emerald colored
Clothinghe wears a pair of brown boots with steel plates on the bootm heel and toe he also wears a pair of blue jeans a red and white horrizontally stripe t-shirt with a black jean shortsleeved jacket a pair of gunbelts at his waist with boxes attached for gun clips he also wears a pair of mirrored shades there is also a pair of sheathes on his back in an x shape
Accessorieshe had a gold earring in his right ear
WeaponryHe has a pair of broadswords called Tao & Ludera not to mention his pair of magnum hand pistols called ivory trigger and ebony hammer ( both guns real name is killer7)
Outstanding FeaturesHis abilities and mucular body he has enhanced strength and speed.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's a friendly guy easy to get along with he has a serious nature at times but then he only fights when he has too or someone gets in the way of acquireing an item he wants
BackgroundHe was raised well for someone of such a rare breed he became a thief at a young age mostly because his father was a thief and since his father was getting along in years he began to need help, however skilled he excells at lock picking and thief magics
Likesfriends fighting fun and sprring and stealing what he likes
DislikesMustard, other stuff and not being able to acquire what he needs.
Locationhis hideout in Granite city
OccupationThief Curio shop owner
Additional InfoHe was trained in the other elements and is quite powerful with them he also knows other magics he was taught these by a complete stranger and doesn't know why and most of the things he steals usually ends up being sold in his shop.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDude, did you just save me?! *kick!* Oof!