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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRedBlood Phill
Speciesanthromorphic cat
Weight215 pounds (415 with trenchcoat on)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilver/grey long haired
Hair ColourDark Brown, bowl cut
Eye ColourDark brown
ClothingWears no hand or footwear due to risk of overheating. Often seen wearing brown pants, dark grey kevlar armor that covers the entire torso, and a dark red trenchcoat that has a tail axe on the end of the tail.
AccessoriesOften carries a lot of weapons, some of which are rare finds worth thousands.
WeaponryFrom guns to swords, Phill has it all underneath his coat, but nobody has seen every single piece of weaponry he has (he is said to have stolen some weapons from well known criminals). His most notable weapons include his trusty sword, tail axe, and a Handcannon.
Outstanding FeaturesHas a hidden scar on his right eyebrow from running into a wall when he was younger, and has scars all over his chest and back from time spent in prison and under a crooked cop's custody

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is often quite mysterious to those who don't get to know him, and he's often used this mysterious aura about him to scare most people of all sizes in order to demand respect. He keeps to himself most of the time and rarely speaks up unless he needs to, and chooses to keep friendships to a minimum due to being bullied in the past. Phill is often sarcastic, bored, or insulting when he talks to most people he's uncomfterble with, but rare cases he is seen talking to somebody in a friendly manner. Phill tends to be violent towards most students at BFCC due to most giants additudes towards the smaller students and often attacks students in the worst way if he is stepped on threatened, or insulted. Often at times these violent acts have left a few hospitalized (most violent acts have involved the removal of feet or hands, but so far nobody has been killed by Phill), and those who were attacked have changed additudes around other students. Further look into these violent acts have shown that those who were attacked were often sent to rehabilitation centers multiple times. Though he is violent when he needs to be, he is often quite friendly and usually helps out those in need. Most of the time he gives lifts to smaller students (mostly female) who need to travle somewhere on the campus grounds, and helps out the normal sized students in certain situations (mostly females as well). He is rarely kind to the larger students but is often seen on the shoulder of a female giant. Not too many people have gotten to know this potentially dangerous student, and rumors have spred about that he comes from a city notorious for violence and rampant fighting amongst every species known to man (human, robot, anthro, alien, demon, gods, etc). Most think he's got split personalities, but others speculate that he's a former criminal looking for some fun, Others say that he's a fallen defender of justice who helps those who need it. But for now, he is to be avoided by all students at all costs.
BackgroundBorn in a city of all cultures (Orange county California) he was raised loving comics like the Punisher and Violence Man and dreamt of bounty hunting on his own, granted he wasn't quite succsesfull at first. He eventually got better and collected weapons from those whom he beat and learned many forms of martial arts in the process. He recieved a sword and trenchcoat after helping an old man find a murderer, and soon joined a police force known as the gladiator police but 2 years later he resigned for reasons known only to himself. Shortly after he was sent to jail to serve a 2 year term for manslaughter, and was released in only half a year due to good behavior. Soon he was able to build back up what he lost years ago and decided to get some college credits before heading off onto his own.
LikesTesting weapons, bounty hunting, Quintin Terantino movies, women, pizza, alternative rock, video games, sleep, and people who have good hearts on them and willing to tollerate people despite there beliefs or appearances.
DislikesAssholes in general, people who make excuses instead of taking responsibility, most dogs (willing to make exceptions), most wolves (also makes exceptions), lack of sleep, insects, and murderers
OccupationFreelance bounty hunter
Additional InfoOften seen hanging out on a giant female fox's shoulder and chatting with her. It is said that the giant had to swallow him in a hazing ritual and threw him up shortly after to save his life.

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