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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKindir (The Ram)
SpeciesBigHorn Mountain Ram
AgeWho-keeps-track??? ^_^
WeightCurrently a semi-solid 170 : }

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour-Please see pic of real ram-http://www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/bc/kootenay/images/ram_belier2.jpg Light and mid tent brown and white during warm seasons, turns a mixed brown and white (Gray! ^_^) during winter.
Hair Colour-Please see pic of real ram-http://www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/bc/kootenay/images/ram_belier2.jpg There you have it. MY horns are curled up a little bit further, almost pointing straight forward (the way I'm looking) mouth level. My mouth isn't quite as protrusive (long/large) as my buddy in the pic, because my head (other than horns) is just a little bit smaller. Same basic shape.
Eye ColourBlue-green! : D
Clothing...uhhh...yeeeaaaahhhhh...clothing...someone yoinked my clothing, and I hate cloths, so I guess none... : P I would like to request a hump free bubble... *bubblefied* ^_^
AccessoriesNuthin really. My horns ^_^.
WeaponryHard head, muscular strength, extremely good looks?...let's keep it to the horns/hardhead... <_< XD
Outstanding FeaturesMy horns curve elegantly, unlike a normal ram, and have sharper points, I like it that way, can hold food.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm a fun loving, fun (imo), annoying, unique little ram. I love everyone and will probably hug or lick or glomp (hug tackle!^_^) you upon entry to the room. I'm normally hyper, because if I don't get food for over 30 minutes, I get a stomach ache (irl, rp, all) and I usually take the quick way out and eat sugar, so WEEE!!! Anyway, people take my signs of affection too far sometimes, which is ok, but I'd much rather be a cuddle partner than a sex slave, if you're wondering. ~_0
BackgroundHahahahahahaha, I'll leave this for private chat... ^_^ More to talk about that way...plus, it would probably flood over the character limit. : D Aren't you lucky I didn't say some corny joke like "Only when someone steps onto me when I roll over in my sleep on the floor..." <_<
LikesI really like to just have fun. I can't stand strict or boring invironments and might end up flooding more than once a day, sooo...I like to cuddle and love licks and hugs etc, I'm a big softy in other words (My real personality! Gasp!!!). <<< SHINY STUFFS!!! >>> I will steal your shiny stuff, so watch it. ^_^ (or just hold/chew on it)
DislikesOops! I got hyper on you, it's up there ^^^. Boring situations, silence in groups (silence alone is cool), hate, threats, shinies that explode or make loud noises (guns ^_^).
LocationPure mental bliss. ~_0
OccupationTo have fun, of course! <_< I live on the edge, of the tip of my brain, impulsively, randomly, whatever...so I don't have a set occupation. ~_0
Additional InfoWhat do you want to know? You can talk about ANYTHING in front of me, I can put up with a lot, and chances are, even if it's ugly or racist or funny or rare, I can hold a conversation about it, even if it's a conversation filled with shrugs and glomping. : P OH! looky! nm...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Memento Mori": Remember death Draw your own meaning from it. ^_^ Different for everone.

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