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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRukus
SpeciesVariant Type: Fox Wolf

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDominately strawberry in color. A deep, lucious red. The color fades near his extremities and before his black paws is a layer of orange fur. The same can be said for his legs, except the insides of his thighs are still white just like his stomach. His legs are crimson frosted black, while his backside is a lighter, near orange shade. His tail is cranberry in color, the base red as it comes off his backside, with a strangely white tip.
Hair ColourBrightly colored by shades of red. Silky brunette hair is parted center and flows evenly shoulder length, however cranberry black tipped ears cause misplaced locks of hair to cover his eyes. Moving around his head and down his back, vibrant strawberry color fades orange which is comparably dull. His colorless muzzle pours down his neck and covers his chest, powder white.
Eye ColourNarrow with a high brow. The eyes are colored hazel, and have small black centres.
ClothingAt the moment he is wearing a tight and bright red shirt which exposes his belly. He has size 3 women's pants on. They are black and fit his frame securely.
AccessoriesSilver chain with silver cross on it. The arms and head of the cross are inprinted.
WeaponryConcealed Stainless M1911.
Outstanding FeaturesScar on the top left corner of his muzzle.

Personality & Background

PersonalityControlled by the current archetype Persona, whatever it may be.
BackgroundEnrolled by the Arcala goverment into the Arreisa Academy at age 13. Dropped out at age 17 while the top of his class after a devestating series of events surrounding the selection of classmates to the Judgend Academy and being deserted by his childhood friend Kadillia Baracala. Fleeing selection to enter Judgend, he was taken in by mentor Reno X, who had for a very long time seen potential and more inside Julian Kitsura. However, memories from his childhood resurfaced and along with current truma, triggering a final persona to appear out of the two existing ones.
LikesFine dining, classical music, world history, fashion, women, fast cars, asian music, singing.
DislikesThe poor, weapons control, the goverments of the Kingdom of Arcala and the Kingdom of Sakune, people who can't communicate, people who lack conviction.
LocationUnknown. Last seen in Sai Saint, Arcala West Provience.
OccupationHistorical Writer.
Additional InfoTeir 2 CNCBT, able to filter and control Teir 1 syquence at times. Considered armed and extremely dangerous especially when with Reno X.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"A promise is a promise. I never break mine, do you?"

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