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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChaton
SpeciesBlack Pantheress
Height1ft tall

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourjet black
Hair Colourlong black and silver streaked hair, with bangs flowing to the side
Eye Colourlight blue
Clothingshe is pretty comfy in her usual bra and panties attire. but is most of the time modest and wears long silky pajama pants and an over sized sweater
Weaponryshe snuggles to death^.^
Outstanding FeaturesHer black silked fur is tainted with a long white streak, going from the side of her neck to the opposite side of her abdomen.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBubbly most of the time, ubber snuggly. But doesn't take being mouthed off to easily. She is loving to her friends and pets.
BackgroundChaton is a beautiful black panthress, sleek and strong. Once colored of the driven snows, loves loss has left her with only a shimmering streak of brilliant white in her lustrius coat of night. She moved on with her life and is happy, she has her dragon at her side helping her with anything that comes infront of them. Having him with her, he brought out the light that she used to have, made her laugh in ways that she never did before, there for he nicked named her "Chaton de rire bébête" because all she did was giggle(and still does more now then ever before^.^). Her friends helped her very much and she loves them dearly for their soft words and advice.
LikesChaton likes to make new friends. She is close to a few furrs and dragon here, adores them alot.
DislikesShe dislikes rude furrs. And being sized shifted without her permission and heck to top it off species shifted.. she likes her kitty self alot.
LocationShe is normally in some ones paws, lap or on there shoulder. But you can also find her in her room on the irc #Heartwings_den with HW, but she likes the main chat and #groundzero as well. and some where with her dragon, more then likely on his shoulder^.^ so he can protect her.
Occupationhad to put this as HW quoted "throw the geeks a bone, I'm a programmer" And a very big tease *oximoron* cause she is only 1ft tall^.^
Additional InfoHer full name is Chaton de rire bébête, translating into Giggle Kitten AKA: Ri for the cheats. he is the only one to call me RI without getting hissed at^.^ she has pets... ravage as her first and dearest pet. Brenna and Xilimyth who are her guardians. and last but certainly not least her dragon Heartwing, who has been her shoulder and her rock for a long while now, and she loves the green scaley dragon for that. "Hw you are a great friend^.~"

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoteever get the feeling some one is watching you in the dark??? *grins widley with a wink*

Stay in Contact

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