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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFox
AgeOld Enough
WeightLight Enough

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWell groomed and a deep midnight blue. Except her paws which look like socks and gloves of black fur. And her tail which ends in a white tip. Good enough to cover her body decently and soft enough for cuddles. ^^=
Hair ColourA long nice shoulder length hair of a slightly lighter shade of blue than her body fur. Enough to distinguish it as it conceals in part around her face, the impression a sort of sanctuary for the gentle one held here.
Eye ColourGentle and deep emerald. Showing the depts of the calm and kindness and a twinkle of mischief that she has within her.
ClothingA type of dress that lends to a tastefully low cut over her bosom to give a pretty generous cleavage, dark violet, with a black belt and down halfway her thighs. It also trails behind her like the tailends of a larger jacket.
AccessoriesShe sometimes has a rag with her. She worked as a barkeep. ^_^
WeaponryChest missiles! No, kidding! :P
Outstanding FeaturesHard to say what is really distinguishable about her since she looks quite as common as most anthro vixens. What would more distinguish her would be her persona and her mate. ^^=

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is a kind in spirit, having been raised on formalities and tradition. She is rather shy and polite though within her too is a hidden mischief that can sometimes emerge.
BackgroundShe comes from the family of Chasofito. She is actually the second youngest in the family.
LikesA willing ear or a conversation or a snuggle or a scritching. Or a certain skunk cutie. ^_~
DislikesArguments, most fighting, people who act annoying.
LocationThe flying castle of Ensprungen. Only those of the family of Chasofito know how to summon it.
OccupationBarkeep. She used to work at a place if Eric's. now she just works at some place generic. She is unusually capable of dealing with and stopping conflicts..
Additional InfoSASAKI! :3

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The only bad story is the one that has no emotion."

Stay in Contact

AIMSasaki Chasofito