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Love is so so sweet. ;3

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFudge
SpeciesFudge, often in Yote form
AgeFresh :P
HeightThe height of a jumbo sized candybar. 1 Foot
WeightLight :P

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA nice soft silky brown. Well groomed fur too. Very cute usually in the forms that she takes.
Hair ColourIt blends rather well with the rest of her head unless you look carefully. Just a conservative crop that goes to the shoulders.
Eye ColourSoft crimson eyes, showing the depths of this creatures kindness and sense of playfulness. Or the fact they almost look like cherries.
ClothingNo clothing, sticks to the fudge. The body is considered curved enough to look good and 'fur covered' enough for decency's sake.
AccessoriesNothing though you can give her some by feeding em to her. :P Well she has a carmel heart and cherry colored eyes.
WeaponryOnly if you can't handle fudge. ^_^
Outstanding FeaturesShe's a snack given life? That's pretty darn distinguishable. No matter what form she takes, she is always made of fudge.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCheery and rather young and so with a cub's curiosity.
BackgroundShe was a piece of chocolate and then one Chasofitan decided to mold it into a creature and then later tried to bring it to life. And here she is!
LikesChocolate. All kinds of chocolate. Each type has a differing effect on her body too. Regular fudge makes her grow, baking fudge makes her shrink, milk chocolate makes her softer to the touch and 'sexier'. There are a few others but that is a secret currently. ;3
DislikesShe hates water. Pure and simple. Oh and things that do not go well with chocolate. :P
LocationNormally at the castle kitchen of Ensprungen but she is unable to summon the castle so she is anywhere she happens to wander to. ^_^
OccupationWell.. she was a candybar. :P
Additional InfoSasaki!