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Art by Bucky

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKing Dead
HeightNormally 6ft 4in, but can size shift
Weight220 lbs at normal height

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA gray/white color over his entire body along with a white tailtip
Hair ColourA mussed up head of fur that blends into his body's fur color, only longer
Eye ColourIce blue eyes that glow when spellcasting
ClothingSome jeans along with a black button up shirt. Also owns mages robes, but only used in rare occasions
WeaponryHe is a mage, but also is quite familiar with the staff and can even break off his own limbs as weapons in a desparate situation

Personality & Background

PersonalityFor being undead, King Dead still likes to have fun! He is normally in a gregarious mode, but his troublemaking can come back to bite him later when he's not careful
BackgroundLong ago, King Dead was a powerful mage, so powerful in fact he dared to challenge the higher beings of his realm, and lost. For his punishment, he was stripped of most of his powers and forced to walk the lands forever, never to reach a final peace. At first he tried to find a cure for himself, but soon he was able to muster up enough power to actually leave his realm and learned to travel to other dimensions. He now looks as his curse as another adventure.
LikesTo cause mischief, make others change size, puppies and kittens
DislikesPowergamers, rude people

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