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occasionally anthro too

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlastair
SpeciesNone, but if you want a brief description, Dragonwolf.
AgeAlastair doesn't age, so it's kinda not applicable
Height40ft if he was standing, but is nonanthro.
Weight~67 tons.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey, also very soft and fluffy.
Hair ColourSame.
Eye ColourBlue.
ClothingNone. (Nonanthro would be silly, and besides, it's hard to fit something past wings.)
AccessoriesAlastair has a horde in a cave, as he's part dragon. The hoard consists of: Plushes of Xili(6ft,X2), Phill(2), Keldon, Vahn, 2 chocobos, Vesper, FoxFire, Cerberus, Bucky(alt version), Peppy(a copy of Bucky's plushe), Alastair(himself, also 6 ft), Valisius, as well as Bucky himself when he stops over.
WeaponryTeeth, claws, wings (they actually do a lot of damage), and if he actually has to fight, he has a lot of instinctual magic, although that's the only way he can use it so far.
Outstanding FeaturesAlastair has the body, head, fur, and tail of a wolf, and the legs, wings, and size of a dragon. Alastair is non-anthro, but his front paws work like hands. His rear paws are digitgrade, and only have three toes each.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAlastair usually acts like a puppy. If you don't try to hurt him, he considers you his friend. If you do try to hurt him/his friends... he's actually very feral, and will fight as intensely as a cornered badger; it's just that usually his instincts say 'have fun and be nice to people'. Alastair is actually very smart, he just doesn't act it.
BackgroundA genetically modified wolf. He was raised by the scientists who created him until the funding dried up, then he had to learn to live his life on his own. Due to his genetics being so screwed up, Alastair doesn't age, he is stuck as a cross between a wolf puppy and an adult dragon.
LikesPeople, hugging people, licking people, petting people; as well as the same being done to him.
DislikesPeople attacking him, or hurting his friends.
LocationWherever (nomadic).
Additional InfoAlastair is pronounced without the 'i' (ala-star). I like talking, but I prefer it on a one on one basis, or close... so, even if I seem idle, try talking to me. ^^ (Exception being if I'm actually marked idle. And, well... occasionally I am. Just not usually.) *This dragonwolf is rated PG-13*

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThis above all, to thine own self be true. -Shakespere

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