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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFrost m. Falconhurst
SpeciesWolf, incubus
Height6ft 1in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is white black with a bit of white covering his back makeing it look like he is covered in snow if he lays down
Hair Colourhis headfur is the same as the rest though it is long enough to be distinguished from the rest.
Eye ColourHis eyes are a glowing Red
ClothingHe wears a Black t-shirt that and black khaki pants aswell he has a dark blue belt around his waist and a pair of Blue tinted shades over his eyes he also wears a lab coat.
AccessoriesHe has four rings two on each hand. their positions are one on both ring fingers and on on each middle finger each haveing a Black gem set into it.
Weaponryat his side is a rather large bladed japanese sword called Injiro and he also has a large axe he carries with him at his side, not to mention he carries alot of Syringes.
Outstanding FeaturesThe black wings and headwings aswel his athletically muscular body.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe can be friendly though he is actually got a mean temper and sometimes get's angry at the slightest provokation though that is mostly when he needs to get something to eat other times it takes quite abit of pestering to get him mad.
BackgroundHe grew up alongside Krow his age is unknown though it can be told he is the older brother he is a wolf because their first father died being slain by a wandering adventurer his mother remarried to a husky and soon his brother was born this was when he was still young he grew up teaching his brother the cubi ways since their other father was a normal husky eventually he began studying medicines and poisons makeing himself to be a ScientistDoctor he's used his skils as a scientist to make various syrums and poisons aswell as transformation syrums. He also uses illusion to make his home look like it is still up and running. It is because of certain hardships that he has become more evil than normal though it is cureable no one has tried yet. He has been cured of his evil tendencies his evil haveing been destroyed.
LikesFriends family and various emotions aswell as good food.
DislikesAlso doesn't like getting his friends hurt
LocationIn an old abandoned hospital that is furnished quite well in a town called Rezenva.
OccupationHe is a doctor or atleast a kind of scientist
Additional InfoHe has sharp claws like all cubi that are sharper than razors

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteNow, now. This won't hurt a bit!