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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAkanami
SpeciesShiryo (Japanese Ghost)
Age In 2005, she'd be 1005 years old
Weight100 lbs./Variable

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVariable (Depends on present form). Aikohime/Before death: 5' Japanese girl, human, so humanesque skin color. Akanami: Red fur, black at hands and feet. Silky white from below her chin down to her chest and belly.
Hair ColourVariable, depending on form. Aikohime and Akanami: Long raven-black hair, going down slightly past her shoulders.
Eye ColourVariable. They change all the time.
ClothingLoves her black kimono, with purple foxes sewn throughout it, in various forms. Other than that, variable.
AccessoriesDepends on form, but none in her default forms.
WeaponryVariable! She has a great amount of weapons stored all over the place, and has a great amount of weapons training, from the knife to the katana to the rifle (depending on what year she's being RPed)
Outstanding FeaturesDepends on form, once again.

Personality & Background

Personality As a great actress, Akanami's true personality usually remains hidden. She's often playful, however, and can be incredibly stubborn. When she swears she'll do something, she'll do it. However, outside of swearing to do something, lying is a daily routine to her. She's become very good at it with centuries of experience.
BackgroundThere is a great amount to know about Akanami. To paraphrase: Akanami was once Aikohime, an innocent, playful girl that was big on personal freedom (A big no-no in Feudal Japan). She was given in marriage to an abusive husband she loathed and despised. After rebelling through cheating on him, and getting caught, she killed herself. Enough hatred around, and some outside forces at work (that have yet to be identified), she came back as a Shiryo, a ghost. One murder of her husband later, she became a Ki-sucking spirit bent on ... well, bent on just going places. Unfortunately, however, she needed to live off other people's life force (Their Ki, as mentioned), and thus would rely on the sick and dying to survive, instead of the alive and healthy. Hence, she became known as Akanami, which should mean (Unless the player is that horrible at Japanese guessing) "Red Wave" - to symbolizing her always arriving just before an era of bloodshed and death. Plague and war are never too far behind her... as she always knows where it'll happen before it does. Her husband didn't take his dying lying down, either - he follows her as a powerful demon lord (he had quite some time to get rather high in power), Onshukuneko, "Angry Cat". He often appears as a demonic non-anthro tiger, when he doesn't appear as a simple Japanese noble.
LikesRomantic men, kitsune (from magical kitsune to normal, everyday, yippy kitsune - foxes), exploring the world and societal environments.
DislikesArrogant/abusive men.
LocationWhere the wind blows.
OccupationDefault: Freelance Bum, curator of a converted monastery. Other than that, depends on her disguise for the day.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteVarious - depends on year of play!

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