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The Antoid lives!!!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAntone
SpeciesHumanoid/Anthropomorphic Ant
AgeUnknown, possibly late teens, early adult
Weight110 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourExoskeleton- Black, tough, and shiny
Hair Colourno fur, is an insect yo.
Eye ColourRound, Light Charcoal Greyish black
ClothingSomehow got ahold of some boots that fit him pretty well.
WeaponryHe's got powerful Mandibles, and can lift 50 times his own weight. Then there's that stinger.
Outstanding FeaturesBesides the fact that hes' a walking, talking ant? Well there's his antennae, which serve as a kind of radar.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery single-minded at times, seeing as how he's an ant. Though he's like the only one of his kind, still thinks that he's serving a higher/head lifeform. Can be nice though from time to time... and a dedicated warrior if need be.
BackgroundPoor Antone found himself all alone in the desert, not knowing what to do, where to go, and how to obtain any sugar. But he kept on travelling till he came upon a city, with strange creatures, and giants. So it's pretty much like the world he once recognized as a much smaller ant.
LikesSUGAR!!!! Working, SUGAR!!!!, Building, Lifting, SUGAR!!!!, Working, Pleasing his "queen," finding sugar, eating sugar, collecting sugar, did we mention sugar btw? Also likes people who are willing to help him understand this strange world.
DislikesHis hardwork stepped on or destroyed, not pleasing his queen, not getting sugar, not being allowed near sugar, not eating sugar, not having anything to work on, and being lazy.
LocationIn some city that he doesn't know the name of.
OccupationWorker, Fighter, Builder, and Weightlifter(?).
Additional InfoHe's like the ultimate foreign exchange student, not knowing what some words mean, misspronouncing words, etc.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"FOR THE ROYALTY!!!!" -Inferno, Beast Wars