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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKimbery Silverstone Cassady (Kimi)
Height2ft. 2in.
Weight6 Lbs? not entirely sure at this point.
SummaryKimi is a very sweet and bubbly Skunk with a particular liking for women over men. She's not interested in men, and wont be, so don't go asking her or you may find her grumpy side :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack as midnight fur adorns the young skunkette's body. Gentle snowy white fur also covers her stomach, chest and lower part of her muzzle.
Hair Colourwhite hair that almost always seems to be a complete mess. The only taming is in two long braids that hide the true length of her hair, which stays at about mid back. Her hair is sharply layered, giving a spiky appearance to those parts not braided.
Eye ColourKimi's eyes are a deep and gentle shade of Sapphire blue that hints towards her loneliness, as well as her soft demeanor.
ClothingKimi will usually be seen wearing her exploration clothing; simple blue shorts and a white T-shirt. However, as most women do, Kimi has a large and expansive wardrobe that contains everything from dresses and skirts, to business attire!
AccessoriesA small assortment of vials and potions, some necklaces that hold enchantments and a few rings, but most of the time, just her backpack full of herbal ingredients.
WeaponryA wooden wizards staff, inlaid with a deep shining emerald at the end. Being the size that she is, the staff is made for her in particular. The staff is formed by the gem itself, carrying an ancient enchantment that binds the staff to the user's will.
Outstanding FeaturesWild hair and digitigrade legs are usually what sets her apart from other skunks.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually very bubbly and content. Slightly fearful of those larger than her because she has had to learn to cope with being so small for so long. She loves being the center of attention, but only when she has something important to contribute. She has a slight personality problem, in which she's nervous around larger crowds when she doesn't quite fit in. She can be a ruthless business woman and is incredibly well learned and studied. Her business life almost strives on those who attempt to put her down for being a historian and try to make her seem less then she is.
BackgroundAfter a demon attacked a village and cursed her, she woke up to the startling new reality of only being two feet tall. She was only 6 at the time, but because of this, her family left her for dead, hoping she would be eaten by wild animals. She had to quickly adapt, because being originally a macro.. and then quite suddenly a micro... is very disturbing. She found out very rapidly that she could not change sizes back, no matter what she tried, so she just decided that she would have to make due with her current size. As she aged, she began to study magic and look for a potential cure. Quickly finding out that she will never regain her normal size by any means, she just started wandering around in hopes of making friends. About a year after finding out she could not change her size, she met a man who introduced her to archeology. This man, who's name was Erickson, quickly got her into the study of the ancient race called the Charizans. Things grew between the two of them, and soon flourished into a relationship. Before the two would be married, they went to explore the most intact ruins they had ever found. The trip would end in horrible tragedy as Erickson died in a trap set by the ancients to protect their research. Heartbroken but steadfast, Kimi packed up her possessions and decided to make the Charizan race more well known. Her actions lead to the chain of museums that have gained her much popularity and prestige. Kimi used her wealth and research as a way to null the pain of her loss, and was known to spend days locked in the research room mulling over recently discovered artifacts, only to come out on the verge of collapse and severely in need of rest. After learning of new ruins in the vicinity of Groundzero, she acquired a license to spread her findings to the new city and paid for a new museum to work from so she could explore the new ruins.
LikesKimi likes learning new things, especially if those new things mean her ability to go on a new exploration. She loves to read and to spend time with her friends.
DislikesKimi dislikes people who tower over her and make that a point of how they act. Those larger then her who try and consume her or others are on her bad list. She also hates people who lie.
LocationShe is usually in the Charizan research museum in the heart of downtown Groundzero.
OccupationKimi is the lead researcher of a long dead race called the Charizans. She is also the founder of a small chain of Museums which showcase the artifacts for the general public. Because of this, she is actually very well off, and spends her spare time teaching at a magic academy.
Additional InfoKimi has established a series of influencial friendships among all classes of citizenry. She currently has fallen for Inari, a librarian who's work caught her eye.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBeing small is only real if you let yourself feel small. Be as large as you want to be, but let it be your heart, that reflects how big you really are. -Kimberly Silverstone Cassady

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