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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGragor
Age..older then dirt
Heightvaries normally 10 but is size shifter
Weightunknown, but can be very heavy

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWell Blue scales covering entire body, save for teh chest down over the groin which is silver
Hair Colourer no head fur
Eye Colourno eyes just light in sockets
Clothingnope nude as can be.
Accessoriesis nude so hard to carry items where is visable
WeaponryTeeth, claws, breath attacks
Outstanding Featureshmmm er good point will think on that

Personality & Background

Personalitypretty nice, very affectinate, sometimes playfull
Backgroundway to long to place here
LikesCollecting, vore, snuggling ect..
Dislikesenjoying the pain of others
Location..... um up in a land mass in the sky his domain
OccupationDragon full time, loves to collect items, magic, information as well as other people
Additional Infowill think of later