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lil wulfy

Vital Statistics!

Character Namesmallwulfy
Speciesmicro wulf
Height 4 inches tall
Weightnot much

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblue and grey fur
Hair Colourscruffy spikey fur
Eye Coloursmall deep wild eyes
Clothingjust a small bandana round his neck, and a mysterious spiked collar tied around his bushy tail
Weaponryonly his tiny claws and fangs
Outstanding Features2 feral fangs, when the little wulf grins

Personality & Background

Personalityhes a cheeky little wulf when he wants to be, and often needs discipline and guidance or sometimes to be shouted at to stop him from his mischevous ways
Likesboundling around and playing with furs, loves to give the bigger female furs, paw rubs and licks, has a tendancy to snuggle hump furs when he gets excited.
Dislikesbecasue of his small size, he is often overlooked or simply not seen, he dislikes furs who talk to loud, because his tiny ears cant really take it.
Occupationsnuggle puggle toy