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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChauncey
WeightApprox. 175 lb

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and white, traditional badger style.
Hair ColourBlack and white mix.
Eye ColourGreen.
ClothingHe is not one to wear clothes as all is adequately covered by fur or sheathe. At times he will take to wearing a pair of loose, ragged shorts for the sole convenience of having pockets. Lately he's been wearing these more often.
AccessoriesAt times he will carry along with him a battered suitcase, in which the majority if not all of his belongings are kept.
WeaponryAlways with him is his beloved lead pipe, four feet in length and dented and pocked from various encounters with various creatures.
Outstanding FeaturesAs a rule his features offer a very good look at his personality; he is exactly what one would expect just from first appearances. This is true on the surface at least and quite often proves to be true for the more deep aspects of his personality as well. The fur covering the badger's body is the expected stark combination of white and black with no gradient to connect the two. While it provides an even covering for his skin it is by no means well taken care of. In less accessible areas such as his back, shoulders, and even on areas of his legs the strands are often matted together as the result of simple negligence or more complicating factors, such as blood, entering into the equation. With this in mind it is difficult to tell if the dull sheen it has acquired is due to simple dirtiness or something more harmful, such as nutrient deficiency. Limbs are thick but lean. A lifestyle such as his allows little room for the accumulation of fat, and thus staunches the possibility of further muscle growth. The only thing about him that seems to be in perfect health, in fact, is his claws. Each and every one is well manicured and kept at a deadly sharpness with no snags nor cracks marring their features. Where the rest of his body lacks it, the claws hold a lovely shine that makes up for the rest of his seemingly lifeless self. The face, while relatively young, is interrupted in its expression by scars. While his entire body is interrupted by these marks, the thicker fur elsewhere conceals the most of it. On his face, however, it's open for the world to see. Three long marks follow the hollow just beside his right eye down the same side of his muzzle in what must have been a near-blinding wound. Another curve rests along the top and side of the opposite eye, and various other small nicks and scratches fill in the space from his chin to his forehead. His right ear has been severely mauled at some point in the past and is left with a substantial chunk of it gone.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNotes on his overall mood and attitude towards those he meets has been hinted at above; the majority of the population will get nothing from him save for jeering remarks, dismissive looks, insults, a beating, or if they're lucky they may be considered to be not worth his time. He often enjoys attempting to truly piss someone off enough for them to take a swing at him, or whatever kind of attack they prefer. He is, however, quite careful to take a guess at just how powerful they may be before doing such a thing, or if they have intentions to do more than superficial damage. Throughout all of these every day activities and in every moment he finds himself in public he holds a veil of complete apathy and stoicism over his expression, and makes a point to never be impressed or otherwise affected by either his surroundings or those who force themselves into them. Of course, this cannot be constantly monitored, but it isn't often he allows himself to be seen as anything but invulnerable. In these rare moments he prefers seclusion and tends to turn things such as depression into something he sees as more socially acceptable, such as anger and violence. As mentioned, he's a nice young man.
BackgroundRather lengthy. May be updated later.
OccupationMugger and general theif.
Additional Info------ The following is not for the faint of attention span. ------ If you're really looking to delve into the psychological workings of this creature*, you'll find yourself engulfed in a world of contradiction. There are a few main cornerstones to his personality: stubbornness, independence, and first and foremost as already mentioned, conflict of desires. They play off of each other in varying amounts, some taking charge while others fall into the background, and more often than not combining with one another to create his reactions to every situation. Of course, this isn't all his personality entails, but they seem to be the three main running themes. This is perhaps a good thing to keep in mind if you really intend to think about it any further than this paragraph. A brief look at Chauncey's past shows a history of abuse and general unpleasantness. For our purposes there is no need to go farther than this in description, and while his past does play a large role in his current mental processes and patterns, as one would expect, it is impossible to write it off as the sole shaping factor. In fact, with his current state of affairs it actually influences him very little. The violence and abuse of his past created an initial response of the same directed to the world around him, but in more recent times he has, truthfully, moved past these things and thoughts of it no longer bother him. The lack of this ability to look to the past for a source of true anger has brought to light a problem that is likely far more serious; there is no longer any blame for his intense variation in mood, and being aware of this fact and unable to stop them even with this knowledge has been a constant source of frustration, which has at times brought him to the point of, or perhaps into, insanity. So consciously aware of this lack of control, he has managed to construct a system to deal with the emotions that at times unconstrainedly run through him. His methods, whether conscious or subconscious, involve actively searching for something on which to blame them. This results in a large deal of 'unacceptable' behaviour, from mugging, killing, pushing away anyone who attempts a friendship, and antagonizing random comers-by to other unthinkable things. It works uncannily well and gives him a perfectly good reason to be miserable, which in some strange way brings comfort to his sadly disfigured mind. It's better than feeling as if he's simply out of control, after all.... it adds some small amount of reason to his life, however miserably reasonable it is. Some will offer friendship, and he will throw it violently back at them, thus guaranteeing a certain degree of loneliness to feed his depression. Random acts of violence and deprivation fuel his self-loathing and give it a solid basis. And should he ever desire something.... say, physical contact of any kind, it has many hurdles to overcome. First and foremost, though he clearly has physical desires, his inherent and strange response of disgust for anything of the sort must somehow be overcome. Not only this, but to give himself willingly to such a thing appears to be impossible; it would be giving into someone, in some way- a defeat. And he will fight tooth and claw against any who try to persuade him. Thus, not many do. It is a near-solid shield, and thus far has worked disappointingly well. *As well as his player can attempt to explain it. Also, just for note: I didn't think this up, per se, but constructed this little analysis after playing Chauncey for a good time. While I don't entirely agree with it it is a fairly reliable system for figuring out what he may do, depending on his mood.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotehttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v175/goatserv/rough.jpg A picture of Chauncey. Chauncey, his backstory, and the art of him featured on this page are all ©InsignificantBystander, a.k.a. me.

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