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Vital Statistics!

Character NameThe Szonn Avias
SpeciesSage Eidolon ( Resemblance of Yzman/Juevan lizard ) ( shape-shifter )
Gender??? ( He accepted )
Height10 feet ( varies )

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSzonn Avias is a very strange being. Most mortal creatures that look like Avias normally have two skin colors; white normally is found on their stomachs, chests, muzzles and the front of their neck, while the rest of their skin is a different color, varying from creature to creature. Szonn has the white frontal skin, but as for the back there is nothing, just a gentle iridescent glow that sparkles from inside his form like several candles inside a lantern, shifting smoothly from one color in the rainbow to the next. The light shines away from His body, but seems contained by a translucent glass-like barrier of magic that outlines the rest of His body.
Hair ColourNone. The only thing adorning His head are lightning bolt shaped ears and a curved scimitar shaped silver horn protruding from His forehead.
Eye ColourHis piercing eyes float in the respective places on an invisible face, changing colors with the light. His gaze seems to fall on you as well as everyone else around you with quiet intensity similar to the affect of the Mona Lisa.
ClothingThe Szonn wears a slightly bulging silver breastplate that covers whatever type of chest Avias has. The metal is dark slate-colored silver and is completely impenetrable; three crystal clear orbs are melded into it in a straight line across His chest, which glow the corresponding color of the element He uses when He is in combat. On His groin area He wears a loinpiece made out of the same silver material; it does not wrap around His rear however. The piece bulges out, but still no body knows what is hiding under it, if anything is hiding under it. Attached to the sides of the loinpiece are two clothes that cover the front of His thighs all the way to His knees; over His left thigh the cloth is white and on His right thigh it is black.
AccessoriesAvias has no accesories; He does not take pride much in His looks so He does not use anything to further inhance His appearance.
WeaponryHimself. The Szonn has no need to use any kind of weapon like a sword or a gun, though He is perfectly capable of manifesting and using one or two or twelve at a time. No. Avias is all powerful and nothing can slay Him, so He can just use Himself as a weapon. If He needed to pierce someone's body He would just turn Himself into a living bullet, traveling at godly speeds when ramming someone. Though He normally doesn't use His body in that way; He uses His elemental powers to fight. At rest His body changes colors at random, but when fighting with the elements His body changes colors according the element(s) in use: red=fire, orange=metal, yellow=electricity, green=wood, cyan=ice, blue=water, indigo=psychic, purple=space, brown=ground, grey=wind, black=darkness, white=light. Avias is capable of an array of attacks, and is able to combine elements for even more powerful attacks with ease. The Szonn is a deadly being when He needs to be.
Outstanding FeaturesSzonn Avias is obviously extremely easy to spot. The back side of His body is pretty much invisible, and His body emits a large amount of light, bright enough to be seen miles away but gentle enough so that it doesn't hurt ones eyes who are right behind Him; the light changes colors constantly. If He ever attacks, Avias's body changes color to go with whatever attack He uses. Szonn Avias is truly a unique character.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWhen seen, the Szonn's expression never changes. His face always remains the same, unless when opening His mouth to let out a powerful attack. Otherwise His face never shows joy nor sorrow nor anger. But when He mind-echoes, His voice is clear and it transfers a feeling up the listeners body. Whatever type of feeling it is will tell the listener what type of mood He is in because of the tone of His 'voice'.
BackgroundAlma, Avias and Airee have existed even before the beginning of time. Itoyou was once a member of the Trinity's council, but Itoyou felt that he should have been in the Trinity's position. For his actions he was exiled from the kingdom of heaven by the Trinity. Since then Itoyou has been trying to corrupt the universe to join him in his fight against the Trinity. Avias was sent into the mortal world in order to help with the effort to keep His followers from evil directly. He still had the ability to be in many places at once, so He is both invisible and visible in many forms. No one knows who He could be, but we do know He is out there.
LikesThe Szonn Avias obviously takes pride in His job of over seeing His universe. Knowing that He is healing followers from corruption is all that He really needs to make Him happy.
DislikesItoyou, the Fallen Angel, the Devil, or whatever you want to call him. Of course Avias does not enjoy the Devil's corruption at work in His universe, and the two colliding forces between the Devil and the Holy Trinity is always going on.
LocationSzonn Avias is omnipresent; Avias is everywhere, even if you can't see Him.
OccupationThe job of Szonn Avias is to be the Szonn of the universe. When you compare the Holy Trinity of the Almaic Religion to the Holy Trinity of Earth's Christianity, Avias is the Jesus of Almaic Religion. In fact it is rumored that that Avias was Jesus in one of His human forms. Avias, Alma ( equivalent to God ), and Airee ( equivalent to the Holy Spirit ), are a collective entity, all omniscent, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
Additional Info( If you do not know what an yzman wyvern or a juevan drak is, look up the two Digimon Flamedramon and Exveemon. A juevan resembles Flamedramon and an yzman resembles Exveemon. )

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Never assume." "Prepare for the worst, even if you know the worst will not happen, because you never know what the future holds for you."

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