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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLillie
SpeciesSnow Leopardess
Height5ft 4 in, but can shrink and grow th any hieght as she sees fit
Weightsorry that i am not telling

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOverall: White Spots: light grey, shaped like half moons (pointed on both sides) other features: a slightly darker grey line that goes all the way down her back to her tail tip. The line fans out like the same half moons with the line being the center. Being very tiny from the neck and slightly growing down her back, when they reach her tush they wrap around her hips slightly (the tips come to a point) as they get to the base of the tail they wrap around making a circle affect the whole length of the tail.
Hair ColourColor: White Style: Wavy, some coming over her shoulder Bangs that glide from one side to the other preferably from the right to the left and slightly covering the left eye. Length: just slightly lower then the breast
Eye ColourHazel, green outside and shifting to a golden brown around the pupil
Accessoriesher nails are painted black. She has a choker on that is black and has a tear drop shaped green emerald. Her ring finger on her left hand has a silver band on it.
WeaponryOn her left leg she has a dagger and a sheath wrapped around her thigh where the handle is over her fur but the sheath is on her boot. A black Katana
Outstanding FeaturesShe has a spot on her face, a single spot, it is over her right eye and goes from above the middle of her eyebrow to the side of her eye.

Personality & Background

Personalitynice fun loving, respect me i'll respect you.. mess with me or my friends... the gloves are off
Background~*~under construction~*~
LikesHer daughter and her mate (heartwing), her brother Karo and all f her close friends, she treasures them the most, without them she wouldn't be who she is today.
Dislikespoint blank people that hurt my friends and me
Occupationfull time mommy^.^
Additional Infoin RL she is mated to Heartwing. but does enjoy rping with her friends, yiffing, fighting, killing, you know the basics i guess^.^ loves to be in #Girls_ShowerRoom on the BF IRC^.^ what can i say... Lillie likes girls^.^ but might let a few males watch^.^ but she is rather picky as to who she plays with^.^

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