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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGhidorah
SpeciesThree-Headed Space Dragon
AgeDoesn't Know
Height8ft, 6inches
Weightdon't ask that.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourScales- Golden
Hair ColourGolden-Brown Manes along the back each head.
Eye ColourJade
ClothingCan never find a shirt with three neck-holes in it. So no clothing.
WeaponryAbility to fire devastating gravity bolts from each mouth.
Outstanding FeaturesBesides the fact that it's a frikkin' 3-Headed dragon? Well there's the fact that it's got two tails, and a large set of wings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWell there's 3 of them so they each got a seperate personality. The 1st Head is an almost perfect gentlemen, with a tendency of talking "proper." He's got sophisticated tastes, and is well educated in the arts. The 2nd Head is more of an "everyman," a normal decent fella who just wants to have fun and not take life too seriously. Is very prone to almost always agree with the 1st Head on almost every subject. The 3rd Head is a strange case... with an outright obsession with boobs, or "bewbs" as he calls them. He's got the attention span of a child, and is easily distracted by even the smallest of things.
BackgroundBorn in space, Ghidorah is quite an enigma and very different from the others they meet. Probably because it has three-heads, (each with different personalities) two tails, and no hands. They obviously get their name and appearance from the famous movie monster nemesis of Godzilla's films. Though the two are hardly ever in the same room at the same time. Their just trying to find a place to call home, meet new people and maybe... just maybe... fall in love. They seem to be getting off to a decent start in the BF community. Have since been claimed by the dragoness Twilight. So I guess they've succeeded.
Likes-1st Head- Likes a good book, well-mannered people, good natured folk, kind women, and shakespearean poetry. -2nd Head- Likes to watch TV, eat potato chips, drink tooth rotting soda drinks, rent movies, flying, beautiful women of any size or species, Soft Things and not arguing with his "brothers." -3rd Head- Boobs, Big Boobs, Seeing Boobs, Squeezing Boobs, Nuzzling Boobs, Snuggling Boobs, Cuddling up with Boobs, Being within close vacinity of Boobs, Seeing anything that looks remotely close to BOOBS and strangely enough... pottery. Did we mention boobs?
Dislikes-All Three Heads hate the fact that they lack hands. It's a very touchy subject to them- -1st Head- Rude People, Being Rude himself, that annoying noise the 2nd Head makes when sleeping, being embarrassed by the 3rd Head's lustful ways, and not getting enough sleep. -2nd Head- Reruns on TV, the fact that he has to control their body, running out of soda, running out of potato chips, making a fool of himself infront of women (usually contributed from the 3rd Head) and of course... being embarrassed by the 3rd Head. -3rd Head- Not being near boobs, not being allowed to nuzzle boobs, not being allowed to cuddle with boobs, not being anywhere within the close vacinity of boobs, and of course... being reprimanded and/or punished for his love of boobs.
LocationWherever the wind may take them. Which is usually Castle Esprungen :P
OccupationSpace Dragon... if that is an occupation.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote1st Head- *most likely some random Shakespearean quote about the meaningless or shortness of life* 2nd Head- "Rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotamy." 3rd Head- "narf!" & "nyuk nyuk nyuk!"