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It's a snake! :}===<

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAmethystine Python
SpeciesAmethystine python
HeightVariable! Length: 8.5 meters/27.8871 feet
WeightNo one knows.. how much do you think a 8 meter long morphic python weighs?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis base colour is mottled brown with a hint of red. All along his spine, there's white scales, but not as white as his underside. All over his back and sides there's randomly shaped splotches of yellow, almost golden scales. On his lower sides, the scales brown colour tapers off to the creamy white which covers his scuted belly.
Hair ColourNone.
Eye ColourHis dark brown, slit pupil eyes almost match his scales, but are a bit darker.
ClothingNone, usually... but he looks great in a tux! The top half, anyway.
AccessoriesNothing yet!
WeaponryNothing so far.
Outstanding FeaturesAlways hisses when he talks.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRelaxed and laissez-faire.. tries to be non-chalant, but doesn't always succeed. And... go find out for yourself, you can't get all your information from some profile, you know. :}
LikesSnakes, sharks, spiders, reptiles in general. TV, films, video games, books. And the internetron, of course. All the good stuff, really!
DislikesMost annoying things. And hot, humid and sunny days that people say are 'beautiful', when they're really oppresively hot, scorching and sticky!
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Hand me my thinking grenades." -- Peter Griffin, Family Guy