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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChernobog
AgeAn exceedingly large number.
Height6'4'' (discluding antennae)
SummaryThis will be filled in more adequately when I work up the motivation to do so. Apologies until then. Furcadia profile: A cricket and a dark black throughout his lanky 6'3'' frame. His extra pair of arms and near body-sized antennae are bound to draw him some unwanted attention, or drive away the wanted. A cloth is worn tied around his waist and allowed to drift downwards in an almost Egyptian style and, while it looks somewhat odd, a bowler hat often rests between his antennae. Unfortunate creature to be named as such and indeed perhaps unfortunate even to exist. At any rate, he is here, and he is quite alone.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack.
Hair ColourNone.
Eye ColourBlack.
ClothingDark tan loincloth, occasionally a top hat.
AccessoriesNone visible.
Outstanding FeaturesNone. Besides being a cricket, anyway.

Personality & Background

Additional InfoAbout me: - I am more interested in RP than in yiffing. If it comes to that (as in, if RP leads to it) I generally won't skirt the issue, but I'd much rather have an interesting character plot going on than random thrustings. - Generally speaking I don't require permission, per se, for your character to attempt to do something to mine. I would, however, like a warning for more serious offenses. This allows me to give you the potential response of my character and the repercussions. For particularly gruesome requests such as death or the nastier types of mutilation, I do not deny that I will be very, very reluctant. This does not mean that your request will be denied.