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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDecoupage
SummaryThis will be filled in more adequately when I work up the motivation to do so. Apologies until then. Furcadia profile: Bat, traditionally dark colors splotched about his fur in random patterns, but with some brown and darker orange to him as well. It all creates a randomly patched look. Furred arms sink to a tough leathery webbing and one or two long fingers extend far past a normal length. Two fingers and a thumb remain for conceivable grasping. He is not the most agreeable fellow, as small, repetitive noises drive him near the brink of insanity.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMottled grey, black, brown, orange.
ClothingAlways a pair of loose shorts, black. Occasionally a vest, more like a buttoned sleeveless shirt, is worn as well.
AccessoriesA necklace lies across his chest, the chain ending in a tiny, simple, green orb that looks as plain as a marble.

Personality & Background

Additional InfoAbout me: - I am more interested in RP than in yiffing. If it comes to that (as in, if RP leads to it) I generally won't skirt the issue, but I'd much rather have an interesting character plot going on than random thrustings. - Generally speaking I don't require permission, per se, for your character to attempt to do something to mine. I would, however, like a warning for more serious offenses. This allows me to give you the potential response of my character and the repercussions. For particularly gruesome requests such as death or the nastier types of mutilation, I do not deny that I will be very, very reluctant. This does not mean that your request will be denied.