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Temporary concept sketch

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFour-and-Twenty
SpeciesRed-winged Blackbird

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack.
Hair ColourBlack.
Eye ColourBlack.
ClothingA finely tailored loincloth is all that is required to keep him decent. This is no simple piece of material- deep red satin with a thin golden trim hangs down in his front to about his knees, creating a long draped curtain to conceal anything private. In the back, this trail of red and gold splits in the middle to allow his sizeable tail its space, falling gently on either side of the thick black feathers.
AccessoriesA sixpence, twisted down the middle in something resembling a figure 8, lies against his chest as suspended by a simple hemp string.
Outstanding FeaturesThick black feathers of much more length than the rest covering his body splay down on either side of his head, giving an effect much like dreadlocks. Some of these feathers display small wooden beads at their bases, some wrapped at the base with silver. Clearly they are his best effort at hair. This avian displays a perculiar anatomy- wings fold onto his back as an angel's, but connect to his skin and bone structure farther out on his shoulders. Arms appear to be entirely normal, if a bit muscular, and the reason becomes easily apparent with time. When the occasion calls for it his wings will sweep forwards, curling about his arms, and allowing his grip to be locked in organic straps of sorts, melding through feathers to allow a whole new way to fly. Arms bear the brunt of the work, but muscles work in symphony to allow him such freedom.

Personality & Background

Additional InfoAbout me: - I am more interested in RP than in yiffing. If it comes to that (as in, if RP leads to it) I generally won't skirt the issue, but I'd much rather have an interesting character plot going on than random thrustings. - Generally speaking I don't require permission, per se, for your character to attempt to do something to mine. I would, however, like a warning for more serious offenses. This allows me to give you the potential response of my character and the repercussions. For particularly gruesome requests such as death or the nastier types of mutilation, I do not deny that I will be very, very reluctant. This does not mean that your request will be denied.