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Lotti, in her daily outfit.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLotti
WeightYou do not ask a girl such things!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdark gray
Hair Colourred/brown
Eye Colourhazel
ClothingUsually none, save for two odd colored arm warmers, a rhinestone collar with locket and a ribbon with bell on her tail. Occasionally wears a shirt or other clothes.
AccessoriesPink rhinestone collar with heart shaped locket. Ribbon with bell.
WeaponrySharp claws and teeth ;)
Outstanding FeaturesShort furred, save for long neck and chest fluff and long fur on the end of her tail and tip of her ears.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing and playful, sometimes a bit too quick to speak her mind. Can be obnoxiously childish when bored. She's rather smart actually, when challenged. She's a bit of a rebel.
BackgroundJust your average life, came from a married couple (seems to be rare these days) and decided she was tired of the rules her parents laid on her. Curfews, homework and all those things, it needed to stop. So, age 17, she left home. Surviving through odd jobs in clubs and living with random guys. She now is single and a bit of a wanderer.
Likesbeer, candy and cookies, cuddling, good conversations, guys, flirting, presents, art, nakedness and light clothing.
Dislikesrude people, being ignored, rules, heavy clothes and shoes.
LocationYour lap
OccupationNone, but wouldn't mind a job.
Additional InfoSingle, always looking, though she got a bit picky over the years.