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To The Stars, by BNG

Vital Statistics!

Character NameHeartwing
Height33 feet long, about 6.5 feet at the shoulder

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourUpper Scales: Deep Forest Green Lower Scales: Light green
Eye ColourEmerald Green
Outstanding FeaturesHeartwing is a true dragon of the 6 limbed variety (fore and rear legs plus 2 wings), not anthro. His head spikes are ivory in color, 2 long ones from the top of the back side of his skull (1 each side), 2 long ones from the lower side of the back of his head (1 each side), and 2 shorter ones approximately centered between the upper and lower ones (1 each side). Heart's body is very slight and narrow of build, but corded with steely muscles.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHeartwing is a pretty gentle dragon, not prone to racial pride or power mad as some of his race can be. He's intelligent, wise, and kind almost to a fault. While he's the type to go to great pains for a complete stranger, he will also cut down a foe with no remorse. Some have mistaken his quiet reserved nature as weak or fearful, but none come away thinking that after challenging him.
LikesFriendly beings, flying, playing and telling jokes, helping others
Dislikescruel beings, brocolli
OccupationDragon. :D

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteRemember, Wisdom is your strength