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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePistoné "Obsidian" Torich
SpeciesGalant Mixture ( Anthro-Pegasus with horn )
Age21 ( Earth years )
Height15' 7

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPistoné's body fur is obsidian colored, shining a little when light is cast on the black fur, though, most of the light is absorbed into it's darkness. The stockings on this stallion look more like moccasins, the fur on them very fluffy and milky white in color, groomed down towards his obsidian hooves.
Hair ColourPistoné was born with a short shiny black mane and tail that grew much longer as he aged, shining brilliantly behind him. His tail, even when raised high and swishing still slightly drags on the ground, his mane drooping almost all the way down to his tail. Even though he sometimes trots around with that look nowadays to go along with his nickname Obsidian, he often makes his mane and tail a brilliant blue color, whether it be through magic or dying it. Either color, his mane and tail are light, easily being picked up by even the slightest breeze, giving him a ghostly appearance at night.
Eye ColourHis eyes are normally as blue as his mane, and rarely ever changes to any other color. On rare occasions he's been seen with green, dark brown, or even black eyes. Reasons for that are unknown. His eyes glow different colors whenever he's using some form of his magic.
ClothingPistoné's most basic attire is a pair of ripped jean shorts that hug tightly around his hips and rear, crafted to allow his tail to swish easily through a hole in the back. Though sometimes it gets a bit tight for him, so he has plenty of other uniforms that he can wear. For example, he sometimes wears a navy cape that wraps around his neck and attachs to his shoulders and navy pants that slightly flare out towards his hooves, held up by a belt with a silver rectangular belt buckle.
AccessoriesAround his neck is a thin strand of grey leather with beads of silver metal and white and black wood strung around it. Dangling from it is a dreamcatcher, the circle wrapped in the same grey leather with four pairs of leather strands dangling from the bottom, each with two silver beads, two white beads and two white feathers attached to it. The center has an extensive pattern of beige wire like strands weaving around and past each other. On one side of the circle an obsidian arrow head is tied to the beige strings with another grey strand with feathers and beads dangling from it. On the other side there are two silver beads and one white bead woven into the strings. The whole dreamcatcher seems like it should be hung by a window because of its size, but for him it's just the right size for a necklace.
WeaponryHis magic is his main weapon, being very proficient at his abilities with magic. He's also pretty good at melee and hand-to-hand combat, but rarely carries anything like a sword or pike around with him, for he never needs to. If he ever did he'd just use his magic to make one.
Outstanding FeaturesThis stud is much more muscular than any other of his species, not to mention taller; even though he is massively muscled, it doesn't look like he is completely over taken by muscles at a first glance. He has a set of large angelic wings, stretching 35 feet from wing tip to wing tip. The back side of his feathers are dark shiny black while the inside of his wings have a midnight blue tint to them, sparkling with even the least bit of light, making anyone who is wrapped inside them think they are gazing at a clear night sky. Also, jutting out of his forehead is a brilliant silver horn, but it doesn't look anything like a normal horn. It's flattened and sharp like a sword and shaped very oddly; from his head it curves forward towards his nose, ending in a point, then it curves back and up again, ending in two different points. ( it's hard to explain, ask for a drawing and he maybe able to tell you what it looks like ^-^ ) On his hip, often concealled by his clothes, is the symbol of Avias branded into his hide. How it got branded on no one knows. Some say it was just a birthmark. Some say it was self branded on. Some say that he was blessed by Avias himself. Some say he -is- Avias.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPistoné is a very friendly stallion. He always looks forward to making friends with other furs and pleasing them to the point of pampering. Because of the life he had previously known on his home planet Tybiriom (Minotaur) he is a very calm character. He has never seen or been in a war, even though he looks like he's definitely prepared for it. He's a very easy-going, laid back character who just wants to hang out with good friends and be friendly back.
BackgroundPistoné was born in a small cottage near the Cimarron-Tiburon border on the planet Tybiriom to Mass and Caysei Torich. He was the first born of two foals, him and his little sister Selda. He grew up as any regular colt or roan did and developed pride for his home planet, embracing its customs and ideals. His sister grew up in the same way, and the two would be confused as best friends rather then siblings when you saw the way they got along, though there rarely are fights in any galant families. One day Pistoné challenged his sister by saying that he was stronger of the two of them. She excepted the challenge and did everything she could to prove she was stronger. Pistoné was impressed but cocky so he did they same. This friendly competition drew on for hours, days, monthes, years. It wasn't for a while when they realized how long they had been doing it until they were in the local city together and a roan started gawking at Selda. She gave him an odd look and Pistoné stared. Then the roan said it: "You're huge!" They blinks and looked down at themselves when they passed by. Indeed they were and spent the rest of the day admiring each other. The competition slowed down after that, but they continued to work-out in their own ways. Ultimately Pistoné surpassed his sister, but Selda never admitted defeat; this competition gave the two of them the confidence and will to go beyond expectations. The two were found out by the Donn Gallant and Donna Gwyneth Niryti and were appointed as two of their strongest guards. Selda was tossed about from remuda to remuda, surveying the land for any trouble, while Pistoné was appointed often as a royal escorter. Their parents went missing in the Dark Galactic Wars ( supposedly kidnapped for interrigation ) and they sought out with the ARF team to assist in the war against Shayd until they were found, followed and supported by the entire Tybirian armed forces. They were actually located after the war was over on a reconnaissance mission deep in the forests of Valn Byly. Knowing of their safety, Pistoné and Selda decided to settle down, seeing as that their term was up anyways. Selda got married and moved to the magical coasts of Uunitaur, while Pistoné put his hooves up in a rather lavish house on Feilar deep in the Lost Plateau Rainforest.
LikesA lotta stuff. Cowboy hats ( though he can hardly find one that would conform to his head :P ), good friends, good music, macro stuffs ( i.e. growth, muscles, etc. ), magic, sparring, flying ( ^.^ ), just to name a few.
DislikesHumans ( low tolerance, but tolerance nonetheless ); seeing furs fight
LocationStanding before you so you can see him o.o? Home address: Fort Aveilon NNW Rainforest Road Lost Plateau, Furry Feilar, Syrayn System
OccupationThough he is currently unemployed, he may be called to serve as a guard to the Donn and Donna of Tybiriom in a number of situations, whether it be in an escort ship or a pikeholder outside their bedroom.
Additional InfoBecause of the sheen and texture of his hooves, and the sheen of his black fur, he has earned the name from fellow stallion's Obsidian, which he doesn't mind being called.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFuemos! ( We ride! )