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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRailae Dracondora
SpeciesRgona Wyvern Mixture ( Dragon )
Age34 Drak Revons ( 68 Earth Years )
Height15 feet on all fours, 45 on haunches

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRailae is not the type of wyvern with scales to help cool itself off. Railae is tye type with rubbery-leathery skin, with hard muscles and some fat underneath to keep himself warm. ( All wyverns that are of Wryverthian descent have access fat that behaves like blubbery due to the chilling weather of the icy world. ) Most of his leathery hide is a rough grey like stone, yet soft enough to not be hurt on if you run into him. Small particles of silver skin are ocassionally logged into his grey skin, making him actually look like a stone if he was hiding in a clear river bed. His underbelly though is a buttery golden color, the ridged skin running from his chin, over his front and underneath his tail.
Hair ColourRailae has no fur or hair anywhere on his body. On his head though he sports a pair of stubby horns that point away from the back of his head, ear holes underneath them; he does not have earflaps.
Eye ColourRailae's eye color is an icy cyan blue. When he stares at someone, he never immediately looks friendly, even if the person already knows them; everyone who meets his gaze, no matter who it is, always feels a very cold chill run down their spine for a few seconds, as if blasted by a chilling wind. But those who know him often are able to ignore the feeling and can see that even though his eyes are piercing, with very small black pupils, that he is a very nice guy, at times. His eye color never changes unless when using magic.
ClothingRarely wears anything except ornamental loinclothes. Not Tarzan-type loinclothes that expose the entire leg though. From a metallic belt, normally gold in color, dangles two wide strips of silky cloth that cover his groin and rump adequately. A large hole in the rear allows his thick tail to sway about easily. The front cloth normally has some fanciful pattern etched in sequin thread; sometimes the tiny threads are all different colors, giving them the shifting colors of oil stains. The heavy belt itself almost looks like a utility belt with secret compartments to hide trinkets in seeing as that loinclothes don't have pockets. From the belt are thin golden chains that almost look like string with three to seven golden disks dangling along them.
AccessoriesSometimes Railae wears a black baldric with silver studs on the front. Crystals sewn into the bottom of the baldric drape onto his chest and abdomnial muscles, casting rainbows on his front as light refracts through them.
WeaponryAttached to the baldric on his back is a massive longsword, that's as almost as tall as him, and wider than his arm. The hilt is a hard copper colored metal with black onyx and obsidian stones embedded in it. To the normal furson liftening the sword would be like trying to lift a school bus. But to him it doesn't seem very heavy at all. The blade looks worn from use, but still gleams under the light.
Outstanding FeaturesAn interesting feature about this wyvern that you might not notice right off the back is the shape of his legs. At a first glance they look uninteresting, but on a second glance you can tell that the joints are placed at interesting places and angles on his leg, allowing him to traverse his terrain on two legs or four comfortably. His exterior form is rather strong, the muscles looking like they are rock hard, not appearing to have any fat. But he does and because of the layer of fat he has to keep himself warm, even when you cuddle up to him, he is very soft under the paw. He sports a pair of giant grey and gold leathery wings that jut out of his shoulder blades, with spikes and claws used for grabbing at times. He has an exceptionally long prehinsile pink tongue that extend out to nearly half the lenth of his entire body. On his shoulders and down his spine are smallish sharp white spikes that he keeps dulled enough to keep from being too much of a threat. His long thick tail ends in an interesting design of metallic looking bone, almost looking like the tip of an ornamental pike. The nails on his hand-claws are a shiny black in color, while his foot-claw's nails are white.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRailae is a generally friendly wyvern, despite his cold and gruff outer appearance. He is always happy to hang out and play around with his old and make new friends. Underneath the facade though is a personality that is more fitting to his looks. Deep within him is a wyvern writhing with loneliness and loss, dark and cold with little hope and less trust in fursons around him. Though that side of him rarely rears its head unless provoked out of him.
BackgroundRailae was born in mountain cave on the outskirts of Aplacia, a city on the small island of Kquain to Candok and Sinfonia Dracondora. He was one of the clutch of seven known offspring: Kqain, Relaia, Magna, Ragnok, Daikert, Teirna, and himself. Before the Wars began most of his brothers and sisters had relocated to work in different places in the galaxy; Railae, being the youngest had yet to leave the home in search of a job. But most of his past is unsure to public knowlegde. It can be discerned though that it was very dark and painful. What he keeps hidden is that while he was away during the Dark Galactic War, his parents were abducted and were never seen nor heard from again. He also had no way of contacting his siblings until after the war and even then he was unable to find them. He refuses to believe that any of them are dead however so he wanders the galaxy, searching for whatever clues he can to find the whereabouts of his lost family members. Becoming a mercenary not only helps him in away to possibly finding them, but it also vents his frustration at times. Upon visiting the area around Big Furs College he thought he caught a glimpse of who he truly believed to be is elder sister, Kqain. He glanced away for a second, and when he looked back Kqain had vanished. So he has settled in a secluded home in the nearby mountains and frequently wanders, keeping a sharp eye out for his sister.
LikesSparring; being the most powerful
DislikesBeing defeated; being forced to act cute
LocationMountain range near to Big Furs college

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDon't think death is far away. Not everyone dies of old age.