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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAewall "Talon" Ferrol'k
SpeciesDomoce ( Anthro House Cat )
Height5' 6"
WeightLight o.o
SummaryFrom under a dark-red bang of hair the white muzzle of an anthro-cat watches you with orange-green eyes. The wild, almost feral, eyes draw your attention to him, and then you see him grin, showing off small sharp teeth from his small muzzle; his silver tail, the tip white with a black region seperating it from the rest of the tail, flicks in a curious manner. "Hey there," he mews in an a voice that sounds like the voice of stereotyped schoolyard bullies. He extends abnormally long black claws and grins. "My fans call me 'Talon'. Talon Ferrol'k." From underneath a loose sleeveless black utility jacket you see black tentacle-like patterns of fur extending from the waistband of his white and green striped boxers, the black jeans covering them hanging loosely on his hips.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFerrol'k's main fur color is white on silver. The face and the front of his body is covered in fur that is a slightly darkened shade of white while the rest is silver. But at his foot claws and legs the fur his completely black and black tattooes or markings seem to crawl up and around his body like tentacles, criss-crossing each other in symmetrical patterns, giving him almost a Darth Maul look. The tips of his ears are also black and more furry than normal. His thin prehensile tail is grey with a white tip and ring of black seperates the two other colors.
Hair ColourIn between his ears sprouts his reddish-mahogany head fur, the front grown out long and hanging over his eyes in a single large bang. The hair on the back is fluffed outwards and falls back in, only falling to the back of his neck, died jet black. All of his head fur shines rather well due to excessive gelling.
Eye ColourFerrol'k has very interestingly colored eyes. His iris?s shift from green on the outer edge to orange around his small pupils; his eyes glow with a mischievous aura when he glances at you.
ClothingHe wears nothing on his chest so he can allow any and every fur to see the markings over his body. On his lower body, for the sake of decency, he wears a pair of baggy black jeans with chains and straps hanging out everywhere from his deep pockets; the jeans cover his footpaws frequently, and sometimes show off the top of his white/green striped boxers. A special hole in the back allows his long thin tail to stick out.
AccessoriesFerrol'k has three plain silver studs pierced in his left ear, though not heavy enough to make it fall over or feel uncomfortable. Around his neck he adorns a spiked choker with four rings that point in four different directions. Dangling on the one over is chest is a pendant with the symbol of Avias imprinted into it; the pendant is specially crafted to almost look like a fossil, the symbol appearing to be the imprint of a fossil that had the shape.
WeaponryFerrol'k normally doesn't carry weapons, and doesn't use magic a lot either. Most of the time he just uses his fists and claws to deal with his fights. Though he can use his magic if he ever need to. And sometimes he keeps a small little Airsof gun handy to pick off anyone who tries to steal from him, or if they just simply get him angry.
Outstanding FeaturesUnlike most of his species has a set of leathery wings sprouting from his back. The limbs are ebony in color while the membrane is reddish-mahogany like his headfur. He has lean muscles; he isn't overly buff, in other words, but it shows that he has worked out quite a bit.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFerrol'k has a similar personality to your average rebel teenager. He is a good-hearted scoundral of a domoce, going wherever he pleases and doing mostly what ever he pleases. He's known for his witty comments and sarcasm that he gives to practically everyone, no matter what their level of authority is. He's also quite the flirtatious fur; he knows how to get the attention of people around him one way or another.
BackgroundFerrol'k was born to father Kilan and mother Aial somewhere on planet Des Kroyta. Shortly after he was born the war started and his parents were taken away from him to never been seen by him again. He was taken in by a group of prisoners who showed sympathy for him despite their own low-life states. On his name tag that he was given the first name was somehow lost, so he was only known by his last name Ferrol'k and that's the name he goes by today. He grew up as quite the trouble-maker, and he took everything lightly, especially the authority of the guards. When the Dark Galactic Wars were over he scrounged around for a job and eventually got one as a mechanic's helper. The mechanic was a member of a race team for one of the galaxy's most dangerous and rapidly growing sports, Sonicycle Racing, and Ferrol'k immediately became fond of it. Eventually he became the owner of his own business for making and fixing custom vehicles, as well as becoming a professional sonicylce driver.
LikesBrawling, war games, mechanics, electronics, tinkering and manipulating anything he can get his paws on
Dislikesbeing bossed around by people who have no real authority over him, having to admit defeat
LocationFerrol'k tours, but his home is his shop near Karon City's Highlands race circuits on Des Kroyta.
OccupationFerrol'k often works as a mechanic. He owns his own small business for upgrading vehicles for other teenagers and some youthful adults.
Additional InfoThough his first name is listed, no one knows it but Alma. He only goes by the name Ferrol'k, or any nickname he has acquired throughout his life: Trouble-maker, Scoundral, Bad Kitty, Sharpclaw, Darkclaw, Hot-Stuff. But he prefers Talon over all and has actually adopted the name as his first name. He earned the name from the black sharp claws that he has had as long as anyone can remember.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"This ride's hot."