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OMG A Shaggy Thing!!!!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameThe Shaggy Thing
SpeciesA..... Thing?
Height8 1/2 ft (or smaller if Enka wishes it so)
WeightAnywhere from 500 to 800 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur- Greenish Brown
Hair ColourShaggy Facial furr that covers it's entire face, cept for of course it's eyes. Some of this shaggy hair drapes down from his face.
Eye Colour2 Red Ruby Orbs that can be seen even in the dark.
WeaponryIs Incredibly Strong with no known recorded range or limit.
Outstanding Features-VERY Furry, VERY Shaggy. Like a big walking ball of fuzzy hair. -Those Red Ruby colored orbs that serve as it's eyes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery placid, very easy-going and very kind and warm. Seems to love being amongst life and nature. Though if angered, can be an entirely different and all together at times horrifying entity.
BackgroundNobody knows where he (if it is a he to begin with) came from, what caused him to be, or why of all things he is covered in so much fuzzy soft hair. This could be because of the fact that he DOESN'T TALK. Has recently been claimed by Enka of Castle Esprungen.
LikesEmotions, Happiness, Hugs, (ESPECIALLY Hugs) Kindness, Affections, Peace and Tranquility. Plants, Trees, Small Woodland Critters, Dogs and Cats, Birds, Insects, and Fresh Air.
DislikesGetting His Fur Wet, Having the Peace and Tranquility Disturbed, Violated, or Destroyed. Anger, Fear, Pain, Loss, and Rejection.
LocationWhere ever he can find peace, tranquility, and abundant nature. Which he has found at the Castle Esprungen
OccupationA Shaggy Empath, especially attracted to strong emotions. Not to mention that he's now Enka's pet/companion.
Additional InfoIS A MUTE.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHas None That Is Known.