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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTheodous
HeightFive Inches. (Size Shifter)
SummaryBefore you stands a creature that has many a time been labeled as perculiar. Standing only five inches tall from head to toe (Five and a half if you count his ears) he does indeed make for an interesting sight. A virtual living breathing compiliation of dragon and mouse. Having recieved his overall body structure from his mother he takes on the body structure of a common woodland mouse. Granting with it the agilitiy and nimbleness bestowed upon the rodent- like species. His soft fur a subtle golden brown. The inside lining of his disc-like ears a light shade of pink. But it is his draconic influences which truely distinquish him as a unique species. Setting apart the fur that covers his body are a series of very soft, almost hide-like cream colored scales. Which make up the expanse of his underbelly and travel down between his legs and along the underside of his tail to meet with and become it's spaded tip. Only appearing once more to cover the expanse of his bat-like wings.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDense, but very soft light brown fur that covers the majority of his body. While the rest is covered with smooth, almost hide-like scales of a greenish cream tint.
Hair ColourThe same fur that covers the rest of his body really. Only slightly longer between his ears.
Eye ColourA light hazel that seems to pierce the very soul itself.
ClothingNone, this Drouse prefers go all natural.
AccessoriesA pair of plain, but elegant silver toe rings. Leather clasping bands that fit snuggly around his wrists, ankles, neck and even tail. Each of which adorned with a small, sleigh bell of sorts.
WeaponryHas been known to wield assorted grooming peices with the utmost skill. Nail files, clippers, giant brushes... You name it, he can handle it!
Outstanding FeaturesA pair of very small horns, ivory colored horns between his ears. Scaled underbelly. An uncharacteristicly broad and long prehensile tail, sporting a scaled underside and a spaded tip. And lastly, a pair of sturdy, draconic wings.

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